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Spritz Some Magic: Affordable Perfumes That Totally Smell Super Luxurious

Spritz Some Magic: Affordable Perfumes That Totally Smell Super Luxurious

Let’s be honest, we all are a little too stingy with our expensive perfumes. We let them look pretty on our vanity but when it comes to usage, we actually save them for very special occasions only. So, if you do want to smell incredible without spending half your salary on fragrances, we’ve got a list of budget perfumes that smell super luxe.

Trust us, no one will know that you aren’t wearing something high-end and you’ll smell fab!

Affordable Perfumes That Smell Wonderful

Can’t decide between a fruity and floral fragrance? Well, you don’t have to cause this one has both. It features pear, black currant, iris, vanilla, praline, patchouli, and tonka bean and is super sensual and alluring. It’s one of those perfumes that works well during the day and the night so wear it to a brunch with the girls or a dinner date with bae.

This is a really long-lasting perfume mixed with fragrance oils that stay on your skin longer. It’s a great one for a night out to a club because it’s intense and concentrated and the vial is small enough to fit into your bag for a quick spritz during the night.  

It’s floral and fresh and a great choice for an everyday scent. This British Rose perfume isn’t overpowering instead is more breezy and fragrant. It’s also got organic alcohol so people with sensitive skin can use it too.

This fragrance is one that everyone will remember you by. It’s got notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and pink pepper that’ll make everyone’s heads turn towards you. It’s also got amber, oud, and musk and is unlike any other perfume you have on your vanity.

This is a floral fragrance that’s great for the spring and summer months. The top notes of this scent are gardenia and jasmine with lily with undertones of orange blossom, and soft musk making it a floral lovers paradise!

So, give yourself some generous sprays of these perfumes and smell fabulous all day long!

Featured Image: Pexels

14 Oct 2020

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