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POPxo Exclusive: Deepika Padukone Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

POPxo Exclusive: Deepika Padukone Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Our Beauty Editor, Nidhi Kavle managed to get Deepika Padukone to spill the tea on some of her best-kept beauty secrets. We have unveiled some of her most prized beauty secrets and her approach to skincare. The Bollywood superstar shares all the deets on skincare mantras she lives by, beauty tips that have been passed down to her from her mother,  the ideologies that fuel 82°E, and how beauty and skincare are a way of life rather than just a fad. Read on to find the exclusive interview with Bollywood’s queen.

Q&A With Deepika Padukone On The Launch Of Her Self-Care Brand 82°E

Deepika Padukone’s #1 Skincare Tip

What is your number one skincare tip?

Keep your skin hydrated and always use sunscreen.

Deepika’s Favourite DIYs 

What are your favourite DIY beauty remedies?


I have tried all of it. I’ve tried the Haldi and milk face pack. I still oil my hair and I think that works out beautifully for me. 

Deepika’s Take On Sunscreen

Do We Really Need Sunscreen?

As long as the sun is out, it doesn’t matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. As long as the sun is out, you need to use sunscreen and you need to reapply it every three to four hours.

Deepika Plays A Pop Quiz

Let’s play a game? It’s called POP quiz; I will say a word and you will have to say the first thing that comes to your mind.


Bollywood: Pathan

Skincare: 82°E

Style: Mother

Makeup: Red lip or winged eyeliner, a mix between the two


The Biggest Mistake We Make In Our Beauty Routines

What according to you is the biggest mistake we make when it comes to skincare?

A lot of times you will read something that a celebrity says in a magazine, and then you want to do just that one thing and you’re not focusing on what you’re doing entirely which is ‘how many hours of sleep I’m getting?’ ‘am I getting quality sleep?’ ‘how much am I hydrating? And most importantly, are you doing it consistently? It’s not something that you just decide ‘Okay, I’ll do it for ten days or 2 months and forget about it. Even diets for that matter. You know people kind of just go on these fad diets and that could also take a toll on your skin health.

Deepika’s Mantra On Skincare

Did you get some kind of skincare advice from your mom when you were younger? Is it a beauty mantra that you live by?

Yes, and it is something we have implemented with the brand as well. The mantra is ‘less is more’, it does not need to be complicated. The simpler you keep your routine, the lesser you do, the better it is.


The Secret To Deepika’s Glowing Skin

What is your secret to glowing skin?

I think, fortunately, or you can say by default, the fact that I was an athlete before I became an actor and a model was the discipline. So hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, all of these things have always been a part of my journey and therefore I think that reflected in my skin. You can use expensive products, you can use great products, you can use whatever you want, it’s not to say that these things don’t help, but if you do not support or supplement these products with a healthy lifestyle, it’s not going to work.

The One Must-Have Product In Deepika’s Bag

What is the one product that we’ll always find in your bag?

The 82°E Patchouli Glow Sunscreen Drops. Sunscreen has always been my number one…has always been my best friend.


Now we know that Deepika Padukone truly lives and breathes beauty with the help of simplified skincare products and a holistic lifestyle. 

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23 Dec 2022

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