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How To Not Let Quarantine Ruin Your Relationship With Your Partner

How To Not Let Quarantine Ruin Your Relationship With Your Partner

So the coronavirus pandemic has left you locked indoors with your partner for what seems like the rest of eternity. Congratulations, you’re now a part of the population who at least knows that your sex life isn’t going to be affected by the lockdown. Sure, on the surface it all looks happy and rosy- you and your bae ek kamre meh band for the time being, chilling out and enjoying downtime together, but the reality can be a whole lot different. The constant bickering, small fights and getting on each other’s nerves are concerns a lot of couples are dealing with and at the end of this quarantine, we don’t want you to reach a point where there’s no coming back from things you’ve said and done.

Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Deal With Constantly Spending All Your Time With Your Partner

Honestly, most people aren’t used to spending this much time with their partners with not much to do. So, it’s got to cause some speed breakers on the way. But don’t worry, healthy communication techniques and some me-time will lead to a happier quarantined stay. 

Talk About Things… Calmly


Using him as a punching bag won’t do anyone any good. If something is bothering you, be it work stress, the pandemic situation or if you’re feeling pressured by the crazy amount of housework- talk to him and communicate calmly. Being passive-aggressive or being aggressive in general will make him resent you further.

Take Out Time For Yourself


‘Me time’ is not just important, it’s essential. Take out time to do things that you want to do alone. Sit alone in the living room and read a book or bake a cake if that’s something you love doing. Even if you’ve to just sit on your own and just be, then that’s what you should do.

Offer Support Whenever You Can


There are going to be days when he is breaking down and there are days when you are not in your best zone, so offering support and listening to each other is essential. These are tough and unpredictable times and no one has a roadmap on how to navigate them- so be there for him.

Do Things You Love Individually


You don’t really have to spend ALL your time together. Indulging in your own hobbies will help you clear your mind. Journaling, meditation and working out may help you clear your head and articulate your thoughts better and thus you’ll have clearer communication patterns.

Don’t Rely Only On Each Other For Support


Having other avenues for support is crucial. You can’t keep dumping all your problems on one person because that’ll lead to the person either withdrawing from you or becoming emotionally burdened himself. Talk to friends, talk to family members and ask different people for help if you’re struggling.

Invest In Your Relationship Now


Don’t tell yourself that you’ll wait for the lockdown period to get over and then you’ll start concentrating on your relationship… do it now. Every relationship deserves nurture and care from both parties and this is a great time to do that. Take interest in what he says, check-in with his moods, pamper him sometimes and make sure you’re getting all that affection in return too.

Stay home, stay safe and use this time to build an even stronger relationship with your partner. 

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08 Apr 2020

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