Koi Nahi Hai Kamre Meh: 9 Ways Newlyweds Can Make The Most Of Being Quarantined Together

Koi Nahi Hai Kamre Meh: 9 Ways Newlyweds Can Make The Most Of Being Quarantined Together

We all understand that the need of the hour is social distancing and limiting travel is essential. Many companies have even allowed their employees to work from home so that they don't have to make the daily commute. Together, we have to individually take measures to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

If you and your husband are stuck at home together too, let's be honest it's fun and games on day one but after that, you're ready to rip each other's hair out. So guys, and especially newlyweds, why not make the most of this self-quarantined time and get to know each other better. Instead of sitting idle and troubling the other person, why not have a good time being productive together.

So, If You And Your Husband Are Social Distancing Together, Here Are Some Ways To Keep Yourself Busy

Disclaimer: If you thought this article would be PG-13, it's most definitely not.

Naughty Role Play

Together you guys can finally spend all that time together and do an elaborate role-play session. Talk about your naughty fantasies and get to work. Pretty much think great sex and mind-blowing orgasms are the answer to everything- you can get in that workout too, stretch your body out and get a boost of endorphins, what's not to love?

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Paint A Wall Together

Your room or drawing room deserves a little spruce up every now and then so finally undertaking that DIY project at home may be a good idea. Paint the wall yellow or bright orange and have some fun while you're at it. You can redecorate the house by shifting your sofa set position, rearranging the accents that decorate the room- there's so much to do.

Spring Cleaning Session

Okay, this may not be as fun but it needs to be done. Every year we buy so many new clothes and household items but refuse to throw the old ones out. You've finally got enough time to empty out both your cupboards and dump the things you don't need anymore and put them in cartons. You can even model the clothes for each other to decide what stays and what goes? Very Sex And The City, I know! Once the coronavirus issue settles down, you can go donate the clothes to a charity.

High On Endorphins Together

Since most gyms are closed and even if they aren't, they're a hotspot for germs and viruses. Working out at home is the only option. Put on a fun couple's workout video and sweat it out together. You can help each other with sit-ups and crunches and even have a fun challenge of who can hold a plank longer. Even couples yoga is a huge thing that you will find umpteen workouts for.

Enjoy Each Other's Silence

I know this is a pretty vague thing to enjoy but I truly believe that if you and your husband can just enjoy each other's silence, it says a lot about your relationship. Sit quietly together and just revel in the feeling of being in such close proximity with the love of your life. Play with each other's hair, tickle each other, lightly peck each other to show your love in non-verbal ways.

Cook A Fancy Meal Together

There's something about bonding together in the kitchen, that's so special. Cook your fave meal together, whether that's making pasta, a salad or even making a pizza from scratch. I'm just picturing kneading the dough with my boo, oh, how romantic!

Indulge In Each Other's Hobby

If he loves collecting coins and you know nothing about that then now is the time to learn. Sit with him and take interest in things he loves just because you love him. Similarly, if you love reading, give him one of your faves so that he can understand your love for words too. 

A Good Ol' Pamper Sesh

I'm talking about a pamper session of both your dreams- start with cleansing, face mask, toning, sheet mask, moisturising, essential oils being massaged into your skin with a jade roller and giving yourself the treat you deserve. You can do all this for him too and maybe he will finally understand how you glow from within so well. 

Review Your Life With Each Other

If you are newlyweds or even if you've been married for a while, you always have stories to share with each other. Take out old photographs, show him pictures of the trips you took with your girls and parents and tell him hilarious stories of your childhood and about your weird relatives (we all have them), he will get a better idea of what makes you tick. 

Just remember guys- stay clean, wash your hands, keep personal hygiene as a priority and limit travel as much as you can. Other than that, this is maybe the best opportunity you'll get to slow down, take a breath and focus on the people and relationships that truly matter to you.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Hopefully, we will break this coronavirus curve soon.

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