Newlywed & Quarantined? 7 Things You Can Do Apart From Watching The Latest Web Series!

Newlywed & Quarantined? 7 Things You Can Do Apart From Watching The Latest Web Series!

Amidst the global coronavirus outbreak, like most other nations, India too is under lockdown. The citizens are advised to stay at home at all times and while some are exploring new talents, others are finding self-isolation quite difficult. Especially newly married couples. We understand you must've had a lot of plans for the first few months of your marriage and now you're stuck at home. While it's hard, we're sure you'll put all the plans in place once the quarantine period is over. Till then, here are 7 other things you can do to make the most of this time!

7 Things Newlyweds Can Do While In Quarantine

Trust me, you’re gonna wanna do these!

1. Arrange Your Trousseau Properly, FINALLY!


Being a newly married woman, you might have had your hands' full adjusting to the new household, and the dinner parties. Therefore, you might have not found the time to arrange your trousseau properly. So girls, use this time to set up your cupboard and store your trousseau and wedding wear the way it should be. Here's a guide to help you out. 

2. Sort Your Wedding Photos For The Album

Being married myself, I can understand how tedious this job is. Selecting the pictures for your wedding album not only needs patience, but it also needs a lot of time. Couples sometimes spend months before they actually send the final pictures for editing. So, here you go! You have all the time in the world. Get going!

3. Create Your Own Version Of The Wedding Video On A Video Editing App


Since you have a lot of spare time, why don’t you along with your hubby, try your hands on a video editing app. Use this to make your own version of the shaadi ki video? The one that has all the dirty jokes your friends made or the one with just the siblings?! Try Quick... It’s easy to understand and can manage up to 75 pictures and video clips in one project. The app is free for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Write Reviews For Your Fave Wedding Vendors On Their Website

Now, this is something that you might not do unless the vendor asks for it, right? But considering you have some time to spare these days, how about showing some love to the vendors who worked hard to make your D-day perfect?

5. Personally Call Up And Thank Everyone Who Made It To The Wedding

Another great thing to do while in quarantine will be to call up your wedding guests and thank them for making it to your big day. They'll totally appreciate this personal touch.

6. Bond With Each Other's Families Over Online Games!


If you are living alone with your partner, spend some quality time with each other’s families over online games! Not only will this be fun, but both of you will also get to bond with the new members! 

7. Channel Your Inner Chef & Cook With Your Partner!

Even if you’re not the ones who like to cook, this is the time to channel your inner chef and cook with your partner. Cooking together is a great way of spending time together and it can be romantic too. 

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Hope this list will help you to use your quarantine time well!

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