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Get, Set, Glam: How To Perfect The Pouf In Just 5 Minutes!

Time (like money) we can never have enough of. So, in an endeavour to save some, we bring you this super quick-and-easy DIY pouf video! Not only does this add a bit of volume to an ordinary hairstyle, it also brings a flirty charm to your look!

Here’s What You Need

  • A hair brush or a fine tooth comb
  • A pen
  • Bobby pins that match your hair colour
  • A strong hair spray

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Take a thin strip of hair, hold it straight up, spray it and back-comb it. Now, starting from the ends, gradually roll this section of hair with your fingers down to your head.

Step 2: Smoothen and even it out from both sides. You can use a pen instead of a comb to give your pouf the perfect shape.

Step 3: Once you’re happy with the shape, pin it in place using bobby pins.

Step 4: Smooth out any stray strands with a few spritzes of hairspray, so the look stays in place.

If you’re going for that extra zing, here’s how to add two braids on both sides of your pouf:

Step 1: Take thin sections of hair from below the pouf on each side and braid them.

Step 2: Pin the braids on both sides of your head.

Here’s hoping you love these fabulous and simple looks as much as we do!


06 May 2016

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