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10 Cute Things Boyfriends Do That Make Us Smile SO Wide!

10 Cute Things Boyfriends Do That Make Us Smile SO Wide!

Of course, there are the fights, the hundred annoying things he does, the times he doesn’t call or text you for hours at end…the list is never-ending. But let’s not discount all the good stuff, girls. Sometimes, he can also be the most adorable, thoughtful and caring person in your life. Here, we acknowledge, on every girlfriend’s behalf, all those cutesy things boyfriends do, that leave us with a smile pasted on our face!


1. When he brings you hot chocolate in bed on a day you’re getting menstrual cramps.

Better still – he also places a comforting hot water bottle on your stomach. Because he knows JUST what you need right now!

2. When, without any reminders from your end, he remembers your dog’s birthday…

And brings him/her some treats, birthday caps, etc. SO MANY brownie points for this one!

2 Cute things boyfriends do

3. When you both are busy socializing with different people at a party…

And yet he appears every half hour just to check on you and to be with you for a while before he goes off to his friends again. Until next time, baby!

4. When he shows (and feels) the same amount of excitement for your birthday as you’re feeling.

His birthday or your birthday – same thing, right?

4 Cute things boyfriends do

5. When he knows you’re having a bad day and he does his bit by calling you and telling you that he’s around if you need him…

AND sends you texts saying you’re the strongest and the most beautiful woman he knows. His support is all you need!

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6. When he puts in an extra effort to get to know your friends and family, and ultimately shares a great rapport with them.

You know he’s doing this JUST for you – he wants to be a part of your world!

6 Cute things boyfriends do

7. When he puts his arms around you and keeps you from being pushed and shoved in a massively crowded place.

He’ll make you feel comfortable and safe around him, and he won’t have it any other way.

8. When his day starts with sending you a good morning text…

And ends with wishing you good night. ‘Coz you’re his everything, girl!

8 Cute things boyfriends do

9. When he gives you a surprise – even a very small one!

Like, when he just lands up at your place when you’re upset or when you tell him that you miss him and wish he were around. Anything to make you smile!

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10. When, in the middle of a busy day for both of you, he sends you a text saying, “I love you” or “I miss you, baby”.

Because he really does, even if he doesn’t say it all the time.

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11 Aug 2016

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