“Who’s That Girl?!” Things We ALL Think While Stalking The Ex

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Let’s face it, we’ve all secretly stalked our exes (at least once) on Facebook. It’s not just because we miss having them around, we’re also curious to know what’s been up in their lives without us being in the picture – i.e., profile picture! If you know know what we’re talking about, here are 31 thoughts you’ll totally find yourself nodding along to!

1. I wonder how What’s-His-Name is…

ex 1

2. Hmm, I haven’t even said his name out loud in so long. Let me just quickly see what he’s up to.

3. I mean, it is totally harmless, obviously. Not like I’m still into him.

ex 3

4. OMG, have I seriously forgotten how to spell his name right?! Was it a W or an O in his surname?

5. Wow, I really am SO over him. *Woohoo*

ex 5

6. Why on earth does he look so happy in all those pictures?

7. Is he really happier after the breakup?!

ex 7

8. Does he look lean? Whaaat … Has he started working out – NOW?

9. Well, I am quite fit too, but why does he have to smile all the time, jeez!

stalking your ex

10. Who are all these new people he’s suddenly best friends with?

11. “Those were the best days of my life!”  Could that status be for me?

ex 11

12. And who is this girl who keeps tagging him and basically sticking to him in every single picture he is ever tagged in?

13. WAIT, is this the same girl he always said he was “just friends” with when we were together?

Stalking your ex 13

14. Okay ,no, never mind, different girl.

15. She’s pretty, but whatever!

Stalking ex 15

16. How does it even matter?

17. I wonder if this is what Facebook was invented for?

Stalking ex 17

18. Let me just check what his brother’s up to, maybe there are some more not-tagged pics of him there.

19. I wonder if he stalks me? Actually, I bet he secretly does!

stalking your ex  19

20. I wonder if his new girlfriend’s profile is private or not?

21. Yes, It’s not! I’m going to stalk her too!

stalking 21

22. What! 300 likes and still counting on her Facebook profile pic?

23. Wait, wait let me get onto Instagram – shit just got real, yo!

stalking 23

24. Bingo, tagged pictures.

25. Hmm, she’s not even THAT pretty!


26. Maybe she has a killer personality.

27. I should change my profile picture to something hot to see how many likes I get.


28. And “casually” message my besties to make sure they get it up to a nice 15, 16 likes to get the ball rolling!

29. I’m glad we broke up, to be honest. He’s so not my type, now that I think about it.


30. I’ll keep him on my friends’ list, though…just in case I want to stalk him again next week – LOL!

31. You know how it is, Haters Gonna Hate and Stalkers Gonna Stalk! Not – Even – Sorry 😀


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