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Heartfelt birthday wishes for sister in law

50+ Birthday Wishes & Quotes for your lovely Sister in Law To Express the Unconditional Love

Having an amazing sister-in-law feels like being gifted another sibling and a best friend and we believe that sisters-in-law remain largely underrated in the general scheme of things and really do deserve a shout out every now and then. 

If you don’t want to shower her with love out of the blue, her birthday may be the perfect occasion to do so. Here is a selection of birthday wishes for sisters-in-law to tell them just how special they are! These birthday wishes for big sister in law will make her feel super duper special!      

Birthday Wishes For Sister-In-Law

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Cute Birthday Wishes For Sister-In-Law

Imagine God being so happy with you that he suddenly decides to add an uber-cute sibling to your life. Well, that’s exactly what it feels like with a SIL! Here are some cute birthday wishes for your sister-in-law:

  1. So this is something that I have wanted to tell you for the longest time now: I am so so sooo grateful to have you as my sister-in-law. There is so much that you have taught me, there is so much that you added to my life. Thank you for it all and a very happy birthday to you!
  2. Didn’t have the faintest idea that my brother isn’t bringing home a wife but my best friend. I owe him a big one and I owe you for being the best sister-in-law that one could possibly get. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  3. Hey sister-in-law, it is your big, bright smile that has brightened our home and our life. Keep smiling like this forever. Here’s wishing you a very very happy birthday!
  4. What I was warned about: A monster-in-law. What I got instead: The greatest sister-in-law ever and my best friend. How did I get so lucky? Happy birthday, love!
  5. God gave me an okay brother but surely compensated for it with the greeted bhabhi ever. Happy birthday, darling!!!
  6. Out of everything that your brother has ever given me, you are surely the greatest gift. In you, I found a sister-in-law, a best friend, and my great entertainment, all compacted in one. Happy birthday, love!!!
  7. No idea how exactly you feel about marrying my brother and getting me free in the bargain. I for one feel extremely blessed to have you as my sister-in-law. Never change and always remain the crazy, cool person that you are. Happy birthday! 

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister-In-Law

Getting a new SIL and then finding out that she is the funniest person in the world…It really doesn’t get more epic than that! Well, funny people deserve crazy birthday wishes and here is a curation of funny birthday wishes for sisters-in-law to wish them in their own love language:

  1. So first mom and dad got bhai from a garbage bin and then they had me, the blessing of their lives. Well, bhai must gloat all the time for you really showed me my place by becoming everyone’s favourite. But guess what? You are my favourite too and that’s why I’ll let you go for snatching the most adorable person in the house title from me. Happy birthday, sunshine!
  2. I often wonder, what did you see in bhai. Well, whatever you did, you are now ours and there is no way we are ever letting you go. Good luck tolerating us for life. Happy birthday, love!
  3. Well, you guys clearly had no idea what you were signing up for when you decided to bring me to your lives. Well, what can I say you peeps are stuck for life and thank you, dear sister-in-law, for making it so easy for me all this while. Seriously, what would I do without you! Happy birthday, love!!!
  4. I kid you not, the only good decision that my brother has managed to make is marrying you and while you might regret it a little bit (wink), we absolutely don’t. What can I say, you are stuck with us for life. Happy birthday, sunshine!
  5. Imagine marrying a crazy husband and then getting an equally crazy sister-in-law in the offer. Honestly, I never had a good look at sales and discount buys. Happy birthday loony toon! 
  6. I’d get you a gift but then you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the greatest gift of your life sitting right across you (Read: your sister-in-law) Happy birthday love and never forget that I am the greatest gift that my brother could ever give you! 


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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Sister-In-Law

Still can’t believe just how lucky you got in the sister-in-law department? Well, we feel you and here is a curation of heart touching birthday wishes for sisters-in-law to express just that:

  1. Hey sister-in-law, today as you complete another year of life, I wish you an extraordinary day. We’re blessed to have you and each day with you is truly a happy one. Here’s hoping that only the best things happen to you always and forever! A very happy birthday to you love!
  2. If I had the chance to choose a sister-in-law,  it would be always you. You aren’t just my sister-in-law, but a best friend, guide, and mentor, all compacted in one. Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to the most special person in my life!
  3. In the past few years, you have given me endless reasons to smile. 
  4. Thank you, my sister-in-law, for giving so many reasons to smile. Happy Bday! May you have many, many more good years, fine times and great memories to share!
  5. Before meeting you I really didn’t believe that someone can be so capable of kindness, unyielding love, and warmth. 
  6. Hey sister-in-law, it is from you that I learned the art of a balanced life, to be a go-getter, and to smile through the difficulties of life. I can safely say that you are one hell of a woman and deserve nothing but the best in life. Happy Birthday!
  7. May your day be filled with joy, beauty, and wonder, everything that you are and everything that you spread in our life every single day. Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Quotes For Sister-In-Law

Done with the birthday wish and looking for something new? Here is a list of epic birthday quotes for sister-in-law:

Birthday quotes for sister-in-law

  1. Our friendship grows, yet stays the same, For sisters-in-law we became. Yet she is so much more, For she has become a sister that I adore. Happy birthday, love!    
  2. Sister-in-law by chance, friends by choice. Happy birthday!!!     
  3. Imagine the joy of going shopping with someone who is just like your husband and comes with the added quality of actually loving the idea of shopping. Yup, that’s what epic sisters in law are made of and I have surely got the best one. Happy Birthday!!! 
  4. You are like the sister I never had. Maybe even better. Happy birthday, BFF!!!
  5. Thanks for blessing my life with an extra wardrobe. You and wardrobe truly are a blessing. I love you bhabhi. Happy birthday!
  6. Even though we live miles apart, You will always be dear to my heart. So, to you, a special love I send, To not just my sister-in-law, but also my friend. Happy birthday!     
  7. Hey, sister-in-law, I owe you my life and more for all the support that you provided me and for all the times you have hidden my screw-ups. Seriously, what would I do without? I love you! Happy birthday!
  8. Here’s the thing: you are way more than my sister-in-law. You are my sister. Happy birthday!!!
  9. I look at you every day and think how the hell did my brother get so lucky to get you as his wife. But more than that, I look at you think how the hell did I get so lucky to get you as my sister-in-law. Happiest Birthday darling!!!
  10. Marriages often change families and I am so grateful that you made our change for the good. We have been happier and the credit, of course, goes to you and your warm presence. Happy birthday, sister-in-law!!!

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Birthday Messages For Sister-In-Law

Love your SIL to bits but feel awkward to say it in person? We got ya fam! Here are some birthday messages for sister-in-law to express just how lucky you feel to have her in your life:

Birthday messages for sister in law

  1. People often regard you as my brother’s wife. If only they knew how much you mean to me and just how much you have added to my life. Happy birthday, bhabhi!!!
  2. Bhai might claim that he loves you the most but I trust that you are wise enough to know that it’s me who’ll always have your back. *wink* Happy birthday sister-in-law!!!
  3. From romantic dates with your brother to coffee dates with you, my life really has come a full circle. Who knew I’d end up finding not one but two companions in this house. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. Happy birthday, sister-in-law!!!
  4. I can’t thank my stars enough that bhai chose you to marry. I cannot even begin to tell you just how lucky I feel to have you as my bhabhi. Happy birthday, love!!!
  5. I need to take his day to thank you for making my biggest childhood dream come true: of having an adorable sister. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Happy birthday beautiful!
  6. I legit forgave bhai for all the troubles that I have endured coz of him all my life, the day he married you. Thanks for coming in our lives and lighting them up with your bright smile. Happy birthday, darling!
  7. A very happy birthday to the woman who is not just my sister-in-law but a piece of my heart. Never knew I’d find such a companion in the new house. Thank you for making it such a happy, warm place for me. Happy birthday, love!
  8. You gotta admit that you are incredibly lucky to have bhai as a husband and me as a sister-in-law. That said, I also need to admit that I am ever more lucky to have you as my bhabhi. Happy birthday my star!
  9. I look at you and can’t help but marvel at the wonderful person you are. Seriously, how can someone be capable of this much love? sister-in-law, you are pure magic and I wish nothing but the most magical of birthdays for you. Happy birthday!
  10. Hey sister-in-law, here’s hoping that you feel as happy on your birthday as I feel each day to have you as my sister-in-law. Happy birthday my star!

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Birthday Status For Sister-In-Law


When you love someone, why not let the world know about it too! Here is a list of birthday status messages for sister-in-law you could use:

Birthday Status For Sister-in-law


  1. Hey sister-in-law, here’s the truth: I envy you as much as I admire you. I admire you for being so perfect and I envy you for the exact same reason. How can you be just so perfect? Happy birthday!!
  2. Wishing nothing but the best day for my best friend and bhabhi. Happy birthday my star!!!
  3. When you first came into my life, little did I know that our companionship would end up being this epic? Seriously, they need to make a reality show on the adventures that we have together. Happy birthday, SIL!!!
  4. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. Also, I am calling dibs on all the huge gifts lying in your room! 
  5. A very happy birthday to the light of our life: happy birthday bhabhi!!!
  6. Pretty sure my kids will end up loving you more than they love me. The good part is that: I look forward to it. Happy birthday, sister-in-law!!!
  7. It’s your birthday and I’ll get some cake. What’s not to like about the day? Happy birthday!!!
  8. Hey sister-in-law, thanks for marrying bhai despite being so out of his league. Happy birthday!!!
  9. Happy birthday, SIL! Congratulations on surviving another year with my bhai!!!
  10. Don’t tell your bhai but I married him solely to have you as my sister-in-law. Happy birthday!!!

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So fam, all set to shower your SIL with some heartfelt words? Here’s hoping that our curation of birthday wishes for sister-in-law helps and that your bond only gets stronger with time! Send out the perfect birthday wish to sister-in-law now.


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