8 Fun Ways To Get Along With The Sister-In-Law!

8 Fun Ways To Get Along With The Sister-In-Law!

Sister-in-laws aren’t always how they’re shown in saas-bahu serials. Not everyone is into high drama and backstabbing at the first opportunity. Some people just want to forge a real relationship with the new members of their family. Here’s how you can bond with your new sister-in-law.

1. With arms wide open

She’s no longer the only woman in her doting brother’s life and this is as new for her as it is for you. Let her know her closeness with her bro will still be the same and she ain't no outsider. sister in law4

2. Shopping. Food. Men.

Three things every woman loves! Talk about clothes, her lip shade, the brand new restaurant or just men in general. And bang, she’s found a friend in you!

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3. Time out

They’ve grown up together and share a strong and special bond. And that deserves some quality time. It’s a good idea to let just the two of them chill out once in a while. sister in law

4. Family first

Your MIL and SIL share a relation no greater than any other. Respect that. They would want to talk, go out, discuss or do just about anything, without you. And that’s okay. It’s just like you wanting to be alone with your mom.

5. Silence is golden!

It’s such a turnoff to have someone talk ill about their own family members. Making a harmless joke about the jalandhar wali bua might be OK. But stay away from gossip sessions. sister in law2

6. #GirlSquad

Book movie tickets or head out for an afternoon shopping spree. Go out for a couple of drinks or just hang over a cup of coffee. She’ll be happy to have you as her brand new family member-slash-buddy.

7. Get real

She’s probably smarter than you thought (ahem!). So make an effort but don’t pretend to be close or go overboard with the chweetness! No one’s asking you to be the picture perfect bahu. Relax, enjoy and just be yourself. Everyone appreciates realness. sister in law3

8. For the love of the brother

Because that’s what matters in the end. She’d want the two of you to be happy and smiling. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 11 Ways to Win Over Your In-laws and Be The Best Daughter-in-law Ever! MUST-READ: This Is What The First Day Of Living With In-Laws Is Like!