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For Hairdos That Stay Put, You Need To Try These Underrated Products

For Hairdos That Stay Put, You Need To Try These Underrated Products

A good hairspray is a godsend for folks who love styling their hair regularly. Whether you love rocking a super-sleek snatched updo, poker-straight hair, or bombshell waves – hairspray is an insurance policy that’ll make your killa’ hairdo stay through the night. So if you have a vacation coming up or you’re simply looking to up your mane game – a good hairspray is an absolute must-have. 

Considering the formulas of yesteryear that left our hair feeling sticky, crunchy, and stiff – a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with it. However, fast-forward to 2022 — these latest and greatest formulas deliver a stronghold. Once spritzed it will keep your hairdo intact from dusk till dawn while giving an incredible lift and volume. After combing through tons of red carpet breakdowns and watching how-to reels on IG, we’re listing down some of the best hairsprays money can buy.

6 Best Hairsprays That Won’t Make Your Hair Crunchy

10/10 Formula

This hairspray got the number one spot on our list and for good reasons. This product has an almost 5-star rating and is a fool-proof way to rock a celeb-esque hairdo. Not only will this hair spray give your style longevity but it’ll also deliver a glossy finish. Your locks will feel like spun silk with flexible-yet-natural hold. 

For Reflective Finish

This fan fave hairspray is chock-full of the brand’s iconic argan oil which helps curb the drying effect of the spray. This strong-hold spray coats the strands with a sheer layer of moisture. This gives the locks a mirror-like reflective finish. It resists humidity and keeps our hairdo totally locked in place. We like!



It’s hard to scroll through our Instagram feed without coming across reels praising this hero product. Almost every reel on IG recommended this classic, budget-friendly buy. With supreme hold, a sublime fragrance and an array of options – this one is a winner in our books. It’s loved by pros across the world. Now, that’s something. 

For Sleek, Shiny Updo

Sometimes all we need is one haircare product that can do it. The kind that can declutter our hair counter and can be thrown in our weekend bags. One such product is this strong-hold hairspray from Sebastian professional. The formula is light enough to be brushed out so you can easily restyle your hair. It protects hair from the effects of humidity making it an excellent option for a humidity-proof sleek look. 

The OG Hairspray

Say hi to the OG hairspray that is sent to us by the hair gods. This hairspray gives our hair maximum hold while steering clear of that stiff helmet hair. The best bits? It’ll leave your locks feeling smooth and shiny-AF. It’s lightweight and non-sticky so it tames the flyways without weighing down your hair. 

Loved By Pros

We wax poetic on this hairspray for multiple reasons. It creates body, adds an instant volume and absorbs oil. The formula also smells incredible so you can skip spritzing on your perfume. The hairspray is infused with notes of Italian lemon, violet, white musk, and rose de mai that are too good to resist. Bonus: It’ll help you nail the ultimate fashion-girl hair


These hairsprays work like a charm!

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Sep 2022

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