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10 Hairstyles For Short Hair That Will Score You A Never-Ending Stream Of Compliments

10 Hairstyles For Short Hair That Will Score You A Never-Ending Stream Of Compliments

Long hair is cool, but it just so happens that short hairstyles are on-trend at the moment. And, we are not just talking about the ever-popular bob or pixie cut, but all the uber-cool buzz cuts we’ve been seeing from the celeb set. With access to top hairstylists and trending hair products, celebs and the most-followed fashion girls are constantly stepping out in varieties of short hairstyles that give us major strand envy. Rejoice!

Plus, short hair is great because it draws more attention to your face, allowing your unique bone structure to be the star of the show. So, in the spirit of prepping for what’s going to be your best hair season yet, we went ahead and found the chicest hairstyles for short hair that the A-list clientele will be sporting for the colder months. Below, find the short hairstyles that are on the verge of Internet fame. 

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Hairstyles For Short Hair That Will Make Heads Turn

If you are looking to add some chic curveballs to your styling game, keep scrolling for hairstyles for short hair that will catapult your style to an all-time high. 

Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair

Viral Alert! These cute hairstyles for short hair are going to be everywhere this season.

Face-Framing Ponytail

These face-framing strands are flooding our Instagram feed at the moment as it instantly injects a dose of style to almost any hairdo. This short hairstyle can easily be created with minimal effort and is oh-so-stylish. Just part your hair down the middle and tie it up in a ponytail leaving an inch of hair from either side at the front. If you’re exacting, like us, use a hair setting spray for a sleek-AF finish, keeping those flyaways at bay. 

’90s Inspired Hair Claw Clips

We all have celebs like Kendall Jenner to thank for bringing the ’90s hair claws back into our lives. This claw clip hairdo just requires your mom’s hair claws from the ‘90s. This short hairstyle is perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day. Sweep your hair back into a twist and secure vertically with the clip. Really lean into the ’90s look by taking two front strands out to frame your face.

 Double The Clips, Double The Fun

Another throwback trend? Oh yes! Just snap clips and pins, worn two at a time and secured symmetrically on either side of your part. Glide the hot brush onto dry hair to tame frizz and achieve a smooth overall finish. Keep your tresses smooth with this serum that protects from heat-styling damage. Mix and match with colourful clips for an elevated hairstyle for short hair. 

Short Layered Hairstyles

Want to take your style quotient up a notch? These short hairstyles for layered hair will definitely rake in the compliments.

For Major Retro Vibe

‘90s-inspired hairstyles for short hair are majorly trending right now and are only growing stronger. This vintage flip is the most prominent example so far. She is giving us Clueless, and we’ve no choice but to stan. It looks chicer than chic. Plus, this hair length is suitable for hair accessories such as pearl clips to add a dose of elegance or claw clips for major 90’s vibes. 

Half-Up Half-Down Hairdo

Another throwback trend? Oh yes! Perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day. We totally love how fashion girls are embracing their natural texture with this hairstyle for short hair (yes, it even works on bed-head hair). Spritz a salt spray into dry or damp hair to get those fresh-from-the-beach waves before you tie it up. You may need a lightweight wax or gel to keep your flyaways nice and smooth on the front.

Short Hairstyles For Thin Hair 

Thin hair, don’t care! These short hairstyles for thin hair will add volume and style to your overall look.

Sleek Hair, Don’t Care

The bob is poised to be the top hair trend of the decade, and the sleek chops just keep getting shorter and shorter. The chin-grazing look is so chic and will make you look fly. And, no matter how short your bob is, there’s always room for some beachy waves. Whether you’re looking for tousled waves or sleek, straight look, a good straightener is the tool for the job.

Slick & Shiny

The slicked-back bun is a timeless short hairstyle that always looks polished but it secretly requires little skill. Create that smooth finish with a two-in-one finishing spray. A little pomade like this one goes a long way to keep flyaways at bay and slick down those baby hair. Secure your pony with comfortable yet cool hair ties.

The Easy Top Knot Hairstyle

Sure, we are all inclined towards a messy bun when in a time crunch, but this easy topknot hairstyle is so much cooler (and just as easy). All you’ll need is a brush, bobby pins, and a lightweight wax or gel to keep your flyaways nice and smooth. Trust us when we say you’ll only need two to three minutes to perfect this short hairstyle. Yes, it is that simple!

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair 

Take your style from regular to remarkable with these compliment-inducing hairstyles for short hair.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bands were everywhere in 2021. We saw this wispy style on so many celebs including Ariana Grande and trust us, it’s here to stay. The one thing about curtain bangs that we’re fully sold on is how easy they actually are to style. It’s also a great way to change your style without doing anything too dramatic. These heavy curtain bangs are oh-so-cute when paired with short haircuts. It’s one of the chicest hairstyles for short hair. 

’90s Inspired Micro-Braids

The throwback trend that is making its way back is the fashion-forwards micro-braid hairdo. Thanks to celebs like Haley Beiber and Bella Hadid for bringing this hella cute short hairstyle back in trend. These loosely tied micro braids make a statement of their own and it still looks so good. The new iteration involves a more polished version of the hairstyle with cute face-framing micro braids falling down their face. 

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Trust us, if we can do these short hairstyles in no time, you can sure rock all of these. We are inspired to recreate each look, what about you?

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20 Dec 2021
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