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Beauty Hacks: 5 Different Ways To Use Your Hairspray

Beauty Hacks: 5 Different Ways To Use Your Hairspray

A majority of us hoard plenty of skincare and haircare products in our beauty cabinet. Some of them have even passed their shelf-life, but they continue to occupy space in our cabinet. It’s about time that we use our free time during the lockdown to declutter and organise our products. Another way to downsize your beauty stash is to find a product that can do the job of multiple products. Your hairspray is a good product to start with. Use it not only to set your hair but also learn more about its alternate beauty uses. 

5 Alternate Beauty Uses of Hairspray You Did Not Know Of Until Now

We’re sure that you’ll be amazed after reading this list!

1. Dry Your Nail Polish Faster

While placing your freshly-painted nails under running tap water is one way to dry your nails faster, it could ruin the nail polish if you aren’t careful enough. Try spraying some hairspray on your nails the next time you paint them. They’ll not help to dry the nail polish faster, but they’ll also add a glossy sheen to it too!

2. Gets Rid of Nail Polish Stains


Speaking of nail polish, if you do happen to accidentally drop your nail polish to the ground and it breaks, then don’t wipe it with a damp cloth just yet. If you do, it will still stain your floor. Simply spray some of your hairspray on the spill and then wipe it off with a cloth. It should leave behind no stains.

3. Tame Your Brows

Instead of using an expensive brow product to groom your eyebrows, simply spray some hairspray on an unused toothbrush and brush your brows upwards so that you add definition and shape to them. 

4. Removes Lipstick Stains From Your Shirt


White outfits especially are super tough to clean if you stained them. If your white top has a lipstick stain on it, don’t throw it into the washing machine just yet. Simply spray some hairspray over the lipstick stain and blot it with a cotton cloth. The same method applies to hair dyes that stain your clothes!

5. Keeps The Bobby Pins Intact

Women who have really thin and sleek hair struggle to use bobby pins because they keep slipping off. Here’s a quick fix – before using your bobby pins, spray them with hairspray. They’ll stay put on your hair for sure!

Back in the day, drag queens even used hair spray to set their makeup. In the absence of makeup setting sprays, hair spray helped their makeup stay intact all through the stage performances. But we wouldn’t recommend you try that. It might lead to acne and inflammation.


Who would have thought that hairspray could also do a bunch of other cool beauty stuff right? Yes, it’s pretty amazing!

Featured Image: Shutterstock

24 Jul 2020

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