6 Products That Girls With Curls Need To Stock Up In Their Beauty Arsenal

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 23, 2021
6 Products That Girls With Curls Need To Stock Up In Their Beauty Arsenal


Glorious curls aren’t maintained with a simple hair wash. Sure, you may have that inherently voluminous, bouncy texture that is oh so desirable, yet having that texture retained throughout the days until your next wash is the real test. Without the right styling tools and products your curls can look limp, dehydrated, and frizzy. That’s why every curly-haired girl needs to build her hair kit with products and tools specifically designed to enhance and maintain that natural texture. Find out the best curly hair items you need to keep your curls looking gorgeous 24×7.

6 Tools & Products To Care For & Style Your Curls

Smooth Operator

After using your choice of moisturising curly hair shampoo and conditioner, it is important to use a serum that will care for your locks. Serums offer heat protection and detangling action which is ideal for curly hair. It will also smoothen your curls so that it is soft to touch and silky while at it.

Water Works

Once you’ve got the serum in, you must detangle your curls while your hair is still wet. A water spray is an ideal tool to keep by your side to aid you along the styling process. Spritz your hair with it after the serum so that you can detangle your hair in the next step.

Knotty No More

A detangling wet brush is what all curly hair girls need in their hair kit. The bristles are soft and ideal for curly hair detangling. This tool removes knots in one swipe and reduces breakage so that your curls are healthy and frizz-free.

Moisture Mania

Now that your hair is detangled, you can opt for another layer of moisture with curl cream. Wet your hair with the spray and apply a curl cream that will soften your locks and add definition to enhance your curl pattern.

Shine Seal

Hair gels are quite a nifty product for curly hair maintenance. They work as a hydrating agent that locks in texture and adds that extra dose of shine to your mane. This product goes after your curl cream or can be mixed with your curl cream to reduce a step in styling your hair. Dampen your hair with the water spray before using this product.

Diffusion Dose

Once your hair is detangled and prepped with leave-in products, it is time to decide how you’re going to dry your hair. To set your curls on the path to glory you need to dry your hair the right way. Apply your leave-in products, detangle, and then blow dry it. Attach a diffuser head to your blow dryer and then dry your curls with it on low to medium heat. This will disperse the air into your curls, enhancing its bounce.

Clip Drip

You probably didn’t realise this but hair ties could be your curly mane’s nemesis. Tying your hair tight will disrupt your curl pattern and all your styling efforts will go to waste. Instead, use a large hair clip whenever you need to set your hair up.

Arm your curls with these curly hair essentials right away!

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