45 Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Make His Day!

Nayan DasNayan Das  |  Oct 15, 2019
45 Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Make His Day!


Of course, you know everything about your boyfriend but it becomes really difficult to come up with new gift ideas for men. Unlike girls, they are not blessed with endless options so it can become a tough task! I’m talking about that time when you are left with tons of questions, very few answers and a whole lot of confusion about birthday gifts for boyfriend!

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You have been observing him for a while now and dropping subtle questions about what he wants this year. He must have failed to get most hints. I know I certainly did when I was the target of those inquiries. But don’t worry, I may have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you get a gift for boyfriend. Take a look at some of my suggestions for getting more ideas about birthday gifts for him below. Get ready to fill your cart with the gifts.

Also, if this reminded you that you need to get a gift for your boyfriend for Christmas then don’t panic! Just check that list as well over here. We have to go plenty of regarding birthday gifts for men!

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10 Recommended Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

These are some of the staples that every guy needs in his life. From wardrobe essentials, cool gadgets to things that will make him go ‘this is exactly what I needed,’ here is our list of recommended birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

A Cool New Set Of Wayfarers


If you have been insisting he needs a new set of sunglasses and he’s too lazy to go to the mall, get him one. Every guy needs a good set of wayfarers in his closet.

POPxo Recommends: Daniel Klein Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses (Rs 1,500) by Ajio.


Kotion Each - Over the Ear Headsets with Mic and LED - G9000 Edition for PC

A good set of headphones is crucial to have great gaming experience. Whether your guy is a PUBG fan or enjoys his music, this gift will surely make his birthday special.

POPxo Recommends: Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED (Rs 1,599) by Kotion Each.

A Smart Speaker


Get your boyfriend some hands-free help in the house for his birthday. A smart speaker will help him play songs, answer questions and so much more!
POPxo Recommends:  Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Rs 4,499) by Amazon.

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Men’s Grooming Kit

Grooming on-the-go should not be as tough for men as they make it sound. This shaving kit will ensure he gets that out-of-the-world shave in no time. As a bonus, it comes with an easy travel pouch.

POPxo Recommends: Good Morning Grooming kit for Men (Rs 524) by Park Avenue.

A Set Of Good ‘Ol Stocking


If the man in your life is constantly losing his socks, he probably needs new pairs. No number of socks is too less for a guy, making this one of the most practical birthday gifts ever.

POPxo Recommends: Pack Of 7 Multi Coloured Socks (Rs 1,560) by Jabong

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An All-Purpose Work Bag

Is he always looking for more space in his bag? This is your solution for him – this all-purpose work bag will be able to hold on to his laptop, documents and other must-haves.

POPxo Recommends:  Brown Solid Messenger Bag (Rs 3,000) by Amazon

A Beard Care Kit


A lot of guys sport rugged, unshaven looks in the winters. A beard care kit will provide the basic help he needs for a well-groomed beard. Plus, this will ensure he looks all dapper and presentable on his birthday.

POPxo Recommends:  Beard Starter’s Kit For Men (Rs 995) by Amazon

Battery Juice Case For Phone

No one carries cash in their pockets anymore, but we do wish we have more life in our phones’ batteries. Ta-da! So even if you guys are out late on his birthday, you don’t have to worry about his phone’s battery giving up.

POPxo Recommends:  Card Wallet Holder With Inbuilt Power Bank for Phone (Rs 1,699) by NK-Store.

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A Travel Backpack For His Getaways


A great birthday gift for your boyfriend if you guys are planning a trip around that time. It is durable and withstands most weather conditions.

POPxo Recommends: Wildcraft 60 Ltrs Orange Rucksack (Rs 3,149) by Wildcraft.

A Tie And Belt Rack

If your guy works in a corporate setup, he will definitely appreciate this gift more than anything on this list. The morning rush makes it hard to organise ties and belts. To keep all of his ties, belts, and scarves at the ready, get him a compact tie rack organiser.

POPxo Recommends:  Rotating Plastic Scarf, Accessories, Necktie Belt Hanger Holder (Rs 500) by Hokipo.

A Shower Beer Holder

Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker

After all, it’s his birthday, so he can drink and sing in the shower if he wants. And this beautiful speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone and bottle holder (ALL-IN-ONE), so shower time can now be party time.

POPxo Recommends: Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker (Rs 2,100) by Urban Outfitters.

6 Cute Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Here’s a little-known fact: guys actually like cute things. Those things make us feel good like any other, especially if it is coming from a special person in our lives.

So if you are thinking about pulling at his heartstrings, why not check out our cute birthday gift suggestions?

Travel Pillows

A proper night’s rest can be difficult on-the-go. This will ensure that he can peacefully doze off without concern on those long journeys. Plus, these travel pillows are bright and cuddly and will make sure you spot him from afar when you go receive at the airport or station.

POPxo Recommends: Cuddly Panda Travel Pillow With Eye Mask (Rs 1,495) by Chumbak.

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The Most Adorable Doormat


Admit it. Guys are bad at selecting good, welcoming doormats. We always go for plain boring ones, that don’t make an impression at all. Well, you can change all that with this doormat from POPxo! This cat mat will leave the dirt out and only let happy thoughts in.

POPxo Recommends:  Cat Doormat With Glitter (Rs 799) by POPxoShop

The Perfect Binging Partner

For all those weekends he spent binge-watching those endless shows late night, here is a gift that will be his perfect companion!

POPxo Recommends:  Netflix & Chill socks (Rs 199) by BigSmall.

A Doggo Thermos


If your boyfriend likes dogs, he will surely go all warm and fuzzy over this gift. Plus, it’s a great way to remind him to keep hydrated, even in the winters.

POPxo Recommends: 3D Doggo Thermos Bottle (Rs 999) by BigSmall.

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A Snuggly Hoodie

anxiety-blank-black-sweatshirt 1

Every boyfriend needs a large hoodie or jumper not just to keep him warm, but also so that he can lend it to you. A nice hoodie will easily fit into any wardrobe and relationship, no matter the type of person the guy is.

POPxo Recommends:  Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety (Rs 1,499) by POPxoShop.

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A Burrito Blanket

Vuffuw Round Shape Tortilla Burrito Blanket for Sofa Bed AC Room %28Yellow%29

Gift the Chipotle stan of your life a human-sized tortilla blanket. This will serve as an affirmation, so he can make himself a burrito whenever he wants.

POPxo Recommends: Burritos Tortilla Blanket (Rs 1,512) by CASOFU

11 Romantic Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

I truly believe guys are very romantic in nature. Beneath all those layers of charm, goofiness or geekiness is the romantic side to every boyfriend. So, here are some of the romantic things you can gift him on his birthday.

Funky Underwear

Who says only women being gifted sexy lingerie? Gift him these funky boxers, so that he too can feel sexy, wanted and cool at the same time!

POPxo Recommends: Skull Print Boxers (Rs 499) by Koovs.



Because you’ll be snuggling up close to your partner, you’ll want to pick a fragrance that will appeal to his senses, as well as yours.

POPxo Recommends:  David Beckham Respect Edt 90ml (Rs 2,900) by Jabong.

For The Superhero Geek In Him

If your boyfriend is one of those people who love for superhero movies is only exceeded by his love for you, he will really appreciate this gift. It may seem small, but only a true comic book fan will know its value!

POPxo Recommends:  Superhero Stickers (Rs 499) by BigSmall.

A Recipe Book For Date Nights


No matter the food, it’s always more romantic when he cooks for you. So, it’s good if he has a few easy meals preps handy. You can gift him one on his birthday, and remind him to use it on yours. It goes both ways!

POPxo Recommends:  Easy Dates Cookbook (Rs 891) by Booksumo Press.

A Set Of Love Letters

This birthday gift will ensure he can write down his feelings for you whenever they come calling and save them for later.

POPxo Recommends:  3 Romantic Cheesy Love Letters Gift (Rs 899) by Oye Happy.

A Bit Of Naughty

Dirty Minds Adult Game of Naughty Clues

You can also gift him something to spice things up, and a flirty card game would be just the right birthday gift for the occasion!

POPxo Recommends:  Dirty Minds Card Game (Rs 2,263) by TDC Inc.

A Hug In A Mug


A great coffee mug is so underrated. After all, all coffee mugs will outlast any coffee date you guys out on.

POPxo Recommends: Dream Big Coffee Mug (Rs 499) by POPxoShop.

Give A Gift Combo

A gift combo containing all the lovie dovie items, be it a rose, teddy, flowers or chocolate is the best option to pick. Just create a combo of such products yourself or you can get it online as well.

POPxo Recommends:  Shoppyana Combo (Rs 1,299) by Shoppyana.

Go For Love Capsules

Love capsule is such a cute and romantic gift to give to your lover. Get a little message bottle and fill it with fake capsules in which you can put your messages about your love for him.

POPxo Recommends:  Little Message Bottle Capsules (Rs 599) by Lilone.

Personalised Colour Changing with Remote LED Night lamp

Anything that is personalised is special. So, gift your boyfriend a personalized colour changing LED night lamp with his name and your message printed on it. Trust me! he will surely love this one.

POPxo Recommends: Personalised Colour Changing with Remote LED Night lamp (Rs 2,500) by Design Elle

Long-Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

This one is for the long-distance couples. Send an instant reminder that you’re thinking of your boyfriend on his birthday with these light-up bracelet set.

POPxo Recommends: Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set (Rs 572) by

10 Personalized Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

A personal touch makes any gift extra special. If you are looking to customize his birthday gift to suit his personality, preferences or hobbies, then go for it. It will just show how much you care and how much you know him.

Getting a little confused? Well, then take a look at some of our birthday gift suggestions and see if that helps!

Make A Personal Photo Collection

Print out some of your favourite memories together and make them into a decorative wall hanging!

POPxo Recommends:  Photo Hanging Display with Clip Fishing Net Wall Decor (Rs 506) by Edal.

Personal Care Item Combo


Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, men also need to take the time out to take care of their face and skin. This will prove to be a blessing in disguise.

POPxo Recommends:  Activated Charcoal Body Wash (Rs 599) by Big Handsome Man.

A Luxury Experience Gift Card

An elegant gift that will surely make his day when he receives it and when he encashes it to take you on a date.

POPxo Recommends:  Taj Experiences E-Gif

An Artisan Storage Box


A great way for him to store books, towels, art supplies and even unsightly miscellaneous! You can also get it custom painted with his favourite things.

POPxo Recommends:  Buxa Metal Storage Trunk – Long-Aqua (Rs 2,899) by Elan.

Shoe Cleaning Kit

Get him a shoe shine kit, so his formal shoes always look great.

POPxo Recommends:  Men’s Shoes Cleaning Kit with Box Wooden Handle Brushes (Rs 1,472) by Connectwide.

A Chef’s Knife He Can Call His Own


If your boyfriend loves cooking, it does not get any more personalised than this. This is the one thing in his kitchen arsenal that will enable him to take on any recipe.

POPxo Recommends:  High-Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set (Rs 799) by Solimo.

Custom Name Stamp

These beautiful wooden-handled, rubber stamps are perfect for anything from love notes to written telephone messages to handmade wrapping paper. You can order them with your boyfriend’s name on it and he can stamp his name on any piece of paper he sends out!

POPxo Recommends:  Pencil Name Custom Stamp (Rs 619) by Alicia Souza.

A Personalised Apron


Here’s another one for the chef in him. Get him his personally designed apron and fit any logo, name or design on top of it. It’s that simple.

POPxo Recommends:  Personalized Aprons for Women & Men (Rs 4,480) by Amazon.

A Scratch-Off Travel Map

If your boyfriend is an avid traveller, the chances are that he will go crazy over this one. This is a great way for him to keep a track of the places he’s visited or is there on his bucket list. It will give him another reason to ask you to tag along and complete the map!

POPxo Recommends:  Ureka Tube World Scratch Off Travel Map (Rs 1,675) by Flying Clouds.

A Customised Gift Box


If you are confused about how to personalise a gift for your boyfriend, don’t sweat! It’s best to see what’s in season and gift a customized box. Since it’s the holiday season, a Christmas box is the perfect way to do that. From scented candles to greeting cards to Christmas décor, it has everything you need to make your Christmas a little more merry.

POPxo Recommends:  Christmas Gift Box (Rs 799) by POPxoShop.

7 Stylish Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Whether he is desperately looking for a neat jacket or can’t decide what ties to pick out, these birthday gifts for your boyfriend will help out his fashion foot forward! Scroll on to see our suggestions.

A Sleek Leather Jacket


A leather jacket never disappoints. Your boyfriend can pull this off for any party or even wear it office for a casual Friday look. If your boyfriend is a biker, it is recommended getting a jacket that fits him completely. If he likes wearing it over a shirt or a pullover, look for half a size bigger.

POPxo recommends: Jack & Jones Men’s Band Neck Solid Jacket (Rs 2,249) by Shoppers Stop.

A Leather Wallet

A wallet is a staple accessory for any guy. You cannot go wrong with this one, and a stylish one will always make the right impressions when he pulls it out.  

POPxo Recommends: Louis Philippe Black Wallet (Rs 1,799) by Jabong.

A Perfume That Is Totally Him


Perfumes are another classy gifts that a guy can stock in his wardrobe. A good perfume can help your boyfriend make a statement and will have him smelling great through the day.

POPxo Recommends:  Versace Pour Homme Deo (Rs 3,200) by Shoppers Stop.

Business Tie

A good set of tie brings will help bring out his personality more than anything in his wardrobe.

POPxo Recommends:  Rohit Bal Navy Blue Tie (Rs 4,500) by Jabong.

An E-Reader


This is your answer for all the times he mentions he doesn’t have the time to finish all the books on his to-read list. A handy gadget that he can carry anywhere and will rekindle his spirit of reading.

POPxo Recommends:  Kindle E-reader (Rs 5,999) by Amazon

A Heat-Regulating Coffee Mug

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

If your S.O. is a coffee monger, he’d be stoked to get this temperature control smart mug for his birthday. All you need to do is just connect this heat-regulating coffee mug to his phone and control the temperature through the app. 

POPxo Recommends: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug (Rs 12,819) from Amazon

A Massaging Neck Pillow

DEZIINE Portable Massager for Neck Shoulder Back Waist Body Wrap Heat Therapy RC for The Relaxation of Muscle Pain and Tightness

Does he travel a lot? If yes, what’s better than gifting him a neck pillow that also massages to make the long, strenuous haul a little more bearable and somewhat relaxing. 

POPxo Recommends: Portable Massaging Neck Wrap (Rs 2,799) by Amazon

That’s it! We really hope this list helps you find that perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend that you have been looking for. If your boyfriend erupted with joy when you presented him with his gift, let us know.

That’s it! We really hope this list helps you find that perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend that you have been looking for. If your boyfriend erupted with joy when you presented him with his gift, let us know.



Question 1: Should I gift the same gift to my boyfriend which I gifted last year?

Of course, you can! This totally depends upon your boyfriend’s choice. If he is crazy about watches and wouldn’t mind getting a new watch again then go for it. Just make sure to add one more little gift with the same gift which you are gifting so that an element of surprise remains.

Question 2: How to know what my new boyfriend will like his birthday present?

If you are in a new relationship and cannot ask him his preferences directly to not make him guess your intention then social media can be the solution for you. Just go through your boyfriends’ posts and see what stuff he likes and what he doesn’t. Asking his best friends can also be a way out.

Question 3: My boyfriend doesn’t like spending me or him spending too much on stuff what should I gift him?

You can gift him something handmade. Handmade natural toiletries can be a good option. You can also cook some tasty food for him which he loves. Also, you can finance his next trip which he is anyway planning by gifting him a travel gift card.

Question 4: What can be the best surprise gift for boyfriends?

You can take him on a date to his favourite place without letting him know by keeping him blindfolded. You can send gifts at 11.59 pm on his birthday when the birthday is going to be over. So that it ends with a smile on his face.

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