17 *Cute* Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend To Make Up After A Fight

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Jun 6, 2017
17 *Cute* Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend To Make Up After A Fight


We often find ourselves fighting or arguing with our loved ones. Sometimes for little things and sometimes for major ones. But that does not change the fact that despite the fights, our love for them is unconditional. And what better way to show that love if not through a token of appreciation? Here are 17 gifts to give your boyfriend when you want to make-up to him after a fight!

1. Spin away the stress


The first thing that any kind of argument brings into life is stress. After work, responsibilities, and everything in between, we definitely don’t want our S.O. stressing about little fights, right? So get him the ultimate new stress buster – a fidget spinner!

Price: ₹799. Buy it here.

2. All I Want Is Ewe


This t-shirt would help you tell your boyfriend how much he means to you.

Price: ₹1299. Buy it here.

3. For your lobster


If the two of you are FRIENDS fans then this is the ultimate fight resolver. A ‘you’re my lobster’ phone cover because it’s only one of the BEST ways to express your love, right?!

Price: ₹699. Buy it here.

4. Apology pad


When you really can’t figure out how to resolve a fight, get one of these pads. They are handy for all those little arguments – just tear a page, write your honest apology and let it go!

Price: ₹445. Buy it here.

5. A sexy keychain


A “Thanks for all the orgasms” keychain is a very cute and quirky kind of gift idea for your boyfriend. It’s a perfect not so subtle reminder of how good in bed he is. It might help in making him forget about your fight

Price: ₹315. Buy it here.

6. The hangry t-shirt!


This t-shirt is the best gift for all those times when you get pissed off because you really just need to eat! And since he has those times too, he can just wear it as an apology in the future too. WIN-WIN!

Price: ₹499. Buy it here.

7. A Pun-ny mouse pad!


A little word pun always goes a long way! Now he can see your apology every time he is working on his computer and he definitely won’t be able to keep the smile off of his face after this!

Price: ₹215. Buy it here.

8. Take a chill pill


Sometimes, in a moment of anger, you can’t really resolve a fight, and this just leads to a certain kind of sourness developing in your relationship. What should you do in such a situation? Take a chill pill, of course! And send him some while you’re at it!

Price: ₹390. Buy it here.

9. Beer-y socks!


There is nothing that a beer can’t sort out. When you can’t buy or send him beer you can send him these socks which he’ll love just as much!

Price: ₹299. Buy it here.

10. For the superhero of your life!


A little token of appreciation for all those times when he takes care of you and reminding him that you will always be the superwoman to his superman!

Price: ₹160. Buy it here.

11. Is it too late now to say sorry?


For times when you’ve both said a few things you shouldn’t have, how about just starting over? Ctrl + Z your way to a clean slate with this cutesy sorry card!

Price: ₹149. Buy it here.

12. Be positive!


A little optimism never hurt anyone! Things might not be as great as they used to be but hey, you still believe in a better future together!

Price: ₹245. Buy it here.

13. Gold, baby, gold


Solid gold – is that the cutest compliment to give your man or what? This framed poster will not just look great on his wall but also be his everyday morning motivation.

Price: ₹490. Buy it here.

14. Quite a literal apology


If he is a book aficionado then there could not be a better gift! He will love your wits for this apology! For you’re not just apologizing in one language but five!!

Price: ₹195. Buy it here.

15. Some cufflink joy!


Appeal to the gamer in him. These joystick cufflinks are super funky and cute at the same time. Definitely something that will go great with his crisp white shirt!

Price: ₹559. Buy it here.

16. Inhale love, exhale hate


Take deep breaths along with a few drinks to make everything a little better! And let these coasters be your perfect companion in that!

Price: ₹799. Buy it here.

17. Gift card


And when you really can’t figure out how to say sorry, how about just leaving it up to him? Get him a gift card so he can buy whatever he likes on his own! Add the ‘Sorry’ card so he knows exactly what this is for!

Price: ₹500 onwards. Buy it here.

Happy shopping, ladies!