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15 Oh-So-Cute Gifts To Give To Your Fiance… He’ll LOVE Them!

15 Oh-So-Cute Gifts To Give To Your Fiance… He’ll LOVE Them!

This story is updated in January 2019.


The roka is done, the date for the wedding is set, and planning for the big day is on in full swing. But ladies, no matter how busy you are, you’ve got to find time for all that romance in the courtship period. To make your to-be-husband feel special and loved, we have a few ideas for gifts to give your fiance that are sure to bring a smile on his face.

15 Gift Ideas For Your Husband-To-Be

1. Sand Timer

1 gifts to give your fiance

Send him a sand timer a day before your wedding or before your engagement and let him know how eagerly you are waiting to be his wife. Let the sand timer be a countdown till the time the two of you become Mr. and Mrs.

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2. ‘I Love My Wife’ Cufflinks

2 gifts to give your fiance

You know he loves you but why not let the whole world know that too? And this is one gift which will definitely get you all excited too. Each time he wears these cufflinks, both you and him will have a wide smile on. *Blush*

POPxo Recommends: I love my wife cufflinks (Rs 1,299)

3. Personalized Bookmark

3 gifts to give your fiance

Is your fiancé a book worm? If yes, then surprise him with a personalised bookmark. You could get a personalised quote or a romantic line on the bookmark and make his reading time more memorable.

POPxo Recommends: Personalised Sweetheart Bookmark (Rs 750)

4. Key Holder

4 gifts to give your fiance

Since you both are going to share a home together very soon, why not get a key holder with a cute picture of the two of you? This is one gift which will definitely be used by the two of you once you both start having the same set of keys for your home.

POPxo Recommends: Wooden Hanging Key Holder Photo Frame (Rs 1,399)

5. A Gift For The Honeymoon

5 gifts to give your fiance

You both are pretty excited for the honeymoon right? So why not make this excitement even more fun and naughty by getting him personalised underwear which you could send to him with a flirty note. *Wink*

POPxo Recommends: Personalised Underwear For Him (Rs 799)

6. A Set Of Cushions

6 gifts to give your fiance

A set of cushions with quotes like, ‘Just popping by to say I love you’ or ‘I don’t feel complete without you’ would be a cute gift for fiancé which he could have in his bedroom, which will soon be yours too!

POPxo Recommends: Set of 5 Cushion Covers (Rs 899)

7. Kiss The Cook

7 gifts to give your fiance (1)

If your fiancé is into cooking and is fond of being in the kitchen inventing new recipes, get him a ‘kiss the cook’ printed apron which he can wear each time he cooks for you. This will be the perfect excuse for you to give him a sweet and long kiss in return.

POPxo Recommends: Printed Apron (Rs 549)

8. Lamp Love

8 gifts to give your fiance

Wish him a sweet goodnight every night with this bottle lamp which has a ‘You light up my world’ printed on it.

POPxo Recommends: Printed Bottle Lamp In Green Light Up My Life (Rs 949)

9. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

9 gifts to give your fiance

Gift him the most romantic jigsaw puzzle in the world. Use one of your most adorable pictures and make a jigsaw puzzle out of the same.

POPxo Recommends: Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle (Rs 699)

10. Mr. & Mrs. T-shirt

10 gifts to give your fiance

Since you both are soon to be Mr. and Mrs., gift yourself these personalised T-shirts which you both can wear and let everyone know that he is your Mr. Right and you are the one who is always right!

POPxo Recommends: Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Tshirts (Rs 699)

11. Personalized Pen

11 gifts to give your fiance

Personalise the hashtag you both have decided for your wedding on a pen and let him carry this pen to work and use it all day and think about you.

POPxo Recommends: Love Personalised Pen (Rs 199)

12. Me And You Mug

12 gifts to give your fiance

Let your loved know how much you love him with this adorable mug which has a cute message on it. Let his morning start with some coffee in a mug that is associated with you.

POPxo Recommends: Me N U Valentine Mug (Rs 399)

13. Say It With Flowers

13 gifts to give your fiance

No, we don’t mean the clichéd red roses. Instead, surprise him by sending a special message with pictures and text on artificial flowers.

POPxo Recommends: Pictures On Flowers (Rs 950)

14. Milestone Mania

14 gifts to give your fiance

Gifting him a mini milestone that reads ‘Home is where you drive me crazy’ is a perfect bedside showpiece for him. Each time he looks at it, it’ll remind him of the fact that you two will be sharing a home soon, and that that’s going to be amazing!

POPxo Recommends: Home milestone (Rs 275)

15. A Sweet Letter

15 gifts to give your fiance

There is no better gift in the world other than a heartfelt note. Pen down your thoughts about him and how he has made your life beautiful. With this priceless gift, let him know how you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with him.

POPxo Recommends: Peach Hearts Letter Pad (Rs 599)

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22 Mar 2017

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