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Best Latest Stylish Design of Mangalsutra

15+ Stunning Mangalsutra Designs For The Modern Bride!

One of the biggest mistakes that brides often make while shopping for their wedding is missing out on the basics. For instance, while you might be going all out on the trousseau, chances are that you might have left mangalsutra shopping to hubby-to-be. Now while we aren’t big supporters of this tradition, if you are someone who finds wearing a mangalsutra absolutely important, then you must make sure that the design is one that you like and would be happy to have it sitting around your neck on a daily or occasional basis. 

To help you out, here are some of the best mangalsutra designs for you to choose from:

Latest/New Mangalsutra Designs 

Looking for the latest daily wear mangalsutra designs? Here are some that are trending right now and would go nicely with almost all of your outfits. 

Charming Diamond Mangalsutra 

Latest Charming Diamond mangalsutra designs


We are in love with the minimal and modern mangalsutra design. We love how the spherical pendant has been studded with brilliant diamonds to give it a contemporary touch and suggest that you also go for minimal albeit striking pendants in case you are looking for latest mangalsutra designs. You can buy it here

The Biya Mangalsutra 

Best Biya Mangalsutra design in India 

Not a huge fan of strings and strings of black beads? Don’t worry because we have got you covered with this new mangalsutra design. We love how this mangalsutra has been crafted with a gold chain, and the minimal bead detailing in its pendant. You can buy it here.    

Captivating Diamond Mangalsutra 



best Captivating Diamond mangalsutra design in india

Have an eye for all things statement? Here is the latest design in mangalsutras that is sure to catch your fancy.  This is a design that is every bit statement and we love how the delicate appeal hasn’t been compromised despite the layers. You can buy it here

Solitaire Mangalsutra

stylish Solitaire Mangalsutra designs 

Now, who doesn’t like to own a nice solitaire? When it comes to mangalsutra designs for daily wear, solitaires are currently trending for they are both striking and simple and thus are fit for everyday usage. You can buy it here


Modern Mangalsutra Designs

Looking for modern mangalsutra designs in gold that go as well with your western wear as they go with the Indian outfits? Here are some designs that you should check out:

Sleek Mangalsutra

stylish mangalsutra design

This stylish mangalsutra design has our hearts for its dainty details. Also, on our radar is that filigree pendant and how it adds a touch of contemporary glam to the piece. You can buy it here.

Silver Mangalsutra 

best modern mangalsutra design


Not particularly looking for modern mangalsutra designs in gold? This sterling silver piece might interest you. The silver details and the American diamond pendant in this piece would go nicely with outfits that have silver undertones. You can buy it here.

The Evershine Mangalsutra

best Evershine Mangalsutra design

Here is the latest mangalsutra design that is different, off-beat, and pretty charming too. The coolest thing about this piece? It will go as nicely with a mangalsutra chain and it would with a bar of plain gold or a differently beaded one. You can buy it here

Gold Fervour

best daily wear mangalsutra design



This daily wear mangalsutra design has to be your pick in case something chic is what you are looking for. Just look at the bow style pendant! You can buy it here.

Simple Mangalsutra Designs  

Like simple mangalsutra designs that you can wear on an everyday basis and with legit everything. Here are some designs that you are sure to like:

Kaya Mangalsutra 

best Kaya Mangalsutra design  


Not gonna lie, this minimal mangalsutra design truly has our heart. The delicate chain, the dainty black beaded pendant, seriously, what’s not to like? You can buy it here

Adara Mangalsutra 

best Adara Simple Mangalsutra design

With its infinity pendant and the minimal bead detailing, this design of mangalsutra is both simple and meaningful. For a lot of people, mangalsutras hold an emotional significance and this one fits the bill. You can buy it here

Pulina Mangalsutra 

best simple mangalsutra design


This simple design of mangalsutra will impress everyone and that’s guaranteed. Want proof? Just look at that adorable floral pendant. You can buy it online.

Unique Mangalsutra Designs 

Getting married soon and seeking a mangalsutra design that’s one of a kind?! The design of your mangalsutra should totally be unique and here are some pieces that are sure to impress you: 

Ziva Mangalsutra 

best Ziva Mangalsutra - unique designs of mangalsutra

Offbeat, elegant, and every bit gorgeous, the unique mangalsutra design is sure to amp up your bridal arsenal. We are especially in love with the alternate diamond and beaded pattern and think you’ll like it too. You can buy it here.


Rose Gold Diamond Mangalsutra 

Best Rose Gold Diamond Mangalsutra in India

This is not silver. This is not gold. What this happens to be is every bit gorgeous. From its rose gold hue to the scattered bead details, and the statement pendant, we love every single thing about this unique design of mangalsutra. You can buy it here.

The Aadhya Mangalsutra

best Aadhya Mangalsutra design

This all-new design for mangalsutra surely has us impressed with its asymmetrical aesthetics and the otherwise minimal appeal. You can buy it here.      


Hand Mangalsutra Designs 

Not a huge fan of chains or anything that touches your neck in general? Might we suggest that you go for a dainty hand mangalsutra? Here are some pieces that you might love:

Ishya Mangalsutra Bracelet Product Details

Hand Mangalsutra bracelet design in india

The fact that you get to wear it on your wrist instead of your neck makes it obviously unique. Additionally, the bangle size fit of this piece makes this hand mangalsutra design all the more appealing to us. You can buy it here

Ring Mangalsutra

ring designs of mangalsutra


What’s so unique about this mangalsutra you ask? It’s a ring and the perfect fit for anyone who likes it ultra-minimal. This hand mangalsutra design is as fresh as it gets and we love just how dainty it is. You can buy it here

Daily Wear Mangalsutra Designs

Now that you have made up your mind to wear your stylish mangalsutra every single day, let us help you choose the perfect one with our curation of daily wear mangalsutra designs: 

Shreya Miracle Plate Mangalsutra

Shreya Miracle Plate daily wear mangalsutra

Take it from us, it really doesn’t get any more classic and gorgeous than this simple diamond mangalsutra. This is a great pick in case you’re looking for a daily wear mangalsutra. You can buy it here.


Fancy Gold Mangalsutra  

new design fancy gold Mangalsutra

This modern mangalsutra design in gold is especially for those who aren’t exactly fond of the black mangalsutra beads and are looking for a pretty alternative. This is one of those mangalsutras that can easily be worn like your regular chain. You can buy it here.

Lara Mangalsutra  

Lara daily wear mangalsutra



This design of mangalsutra again would be perfect for those who’d like to keep it super subtle with their choice of mangalsutra. Apart from the beaded details around the pendant, there isn’t anything specific about this piece that suggests that it is mangalsutra per se and that’s exactly what’s the USP of this piece is for us. You can buy this here

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Here’s wishing you all the best for your bridal shopping and hope you get an uber-stylish mangalsutra!



20 Jul 2016

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