Buns n' Roses: Stunning Bridal Hairstyles That Are Totally Insta-Worthy!

Buns n' Roses: Stunning Bridal Hairstyles That Are Totally Insta-Worthy!

India’s favourite season, the shaadi season, is upon us with dhoom dhaam and it’s time to dress up OTT like a bawse! 

Indian weddings are all about making a statement with grand jewellery pieces, opulent outfits, #InstaWorthy mehendi designs, flawless makeup, and a killer hairdo! Gone are the days when a traditional bride just pulled up her locks in a bun and that was it! Styling it up with stunning elements is the new ‘it’ trend.

Indian Bridal Hairdos That You Must Check Out

Your wedding hairstyle can add the required chaar chaand to your wedding look and if you are a bride-to-be, you’ve definitely landed in the right place!

Check out these colourful hairdos that will look so pretty on your wedding day. Browse along to find the one that compliments the best with your hair texture and your dream outfit!

Before choosing a hairstyle, keep a few pointers in mind:

- Choose a hairstyle that will match your outfit and personality perfectly.
- Consult a hairstylist before choosing a particular style. Discuss what kind of hairdo you have in mind and how will it be executed.
- If you have shorter hair you can try out hair extensions. Since hair extensions are heavy and take a little time to get used to, it's best if you get them put in a day or two before your big day.
- Don’t go overboard with accessories, less is always more. You don't want to end up looking tacky instead of trendy.
- Don’t forget to flaunt it!

Now, let's find you your dream wedding hairstyle!

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Flower Power


The magical power of flowers cannot be denied. Adding colourful, fresh flowers enhances your look instantly and choosing more shades adds a brilliant touch of colour.

Ask your hairstylist to give you a semi-braid hairdo with loose curls and accessorize your mane with dainty flowers.

Faux Rose Hairdo


Thinking of adding flowers to your wedding updo? Think hatke and add faux flowers made from your own hair!

We love how this bride's talented hairstylist didn't go the obvious way of adding freshly-plucked flowers to her hair but instead, made flowers with her own hair. Add a nice hair accessory in the middle of flowers to complete the faux flower look.

Divine In White


Red roses are the epitome of love, right? But we say, choose white to upgrade a regular bun hairdo! This bride chose to flaunt two very distinct white flowers on her hair bun and we cannot believe how effortless and classy the outcome looks!

For The Coloured Mane

Coloured hair? Don't care!

If you're a badass bride who rocks OTB hair colour like NBD, do not dye your mane to a boring colour for the sake of your wedding.

Instead, add flowers and other elements and be the most colourful bride ever! 

Jewel It Up


If you're a stunning would-be South Indian bride, try this bejewelled hairdo that'll make you look like a million bucks! Just ask your hairstylist to give you a stunning french braid or a fishtail hairstyle and accessorize it with larger than life hair brooches!

Bun It Up


We love this 'wavy' spin on a traditional bun! Just add a statement hair accessory and you're good to go.

Wooed By This Ruby Hairdo


If you love flowers and the environment too, this is the perfect way to rock flowers! Instead of using fresh flowers, opt for a floral hair accessory and rock it like a boss.

Simply Flower-ful


We get it, adding flowers to your mane is the new 'it' trend and everyone is opting for it for all the right reasons. We love how this bride rocked flowers on her hair in a way that it looks so surreal!

'Coz Wearing Jewelery Pieces The Right Way Is Too Mainstream


This bride wore a stunning pearl necklace on her hair, added the charm of a maang tikka too and to top it all, wore a reverse white kundaan necklace on her neck and gave us literal #BrideGoals!

Time to raid mommy's closet!

Floral Jooda


Is there a thing like *too many flowers*? MethinksNOT! 

We bet that you've finally found the hairdo that you'll rock at your wedding! Which one was your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram