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The Ultimate Guide To Amazing Hairstyles & Accessories For South Indian Brides!

The Ultimate Guide To Amazing Hairstyles &  Accessories For South Indian Brides!
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There’s something quite regal about South Indian brides that makes us fall in love with them every time we look at one. Right from the beautiful Kanjeevaram sarees to the extravagant ornaments and the elegant makeup, each aspect of South Indian brides is so charming that we can’t help but swoon. We absolutely adore the way they look classic in the most effortless way possible. However, a South Indian bride is incomplete without an elaborate hairstyle with gorgeous accessories. And of late, brides are leaving no stone unturned to impress us with the diversity of hairdos and hair accessories.

So, if you’re a bride from down South and looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place. We’ve listed some jaw-dropping South Indian bridal hairstyles and bridal hair accessories and online shopping sites from where you can buy them. 

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    10 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For South Indian Brides

    These hairstyles for South Indian wedding will give you all the inspo that you’re looking for. Check these hairstyles and fashion inspiration guide for South Indian brides.

    Smell Divine In Pretty Floral Jadas

    south indian bridal hairstyle with floral jadas

    Nothing beats fresh flowers when it comes to bridal hairstyles. South Indian brides, in particular, experiment with colourful flowers in their hair. Be it red roses or sunshine daisies, brides from down South never cease to add that oomph to their hairstyle with an elaborate hair accessory.

    Shine In Embellished Jadas

    hairstyle for south indian bride with a rakodi and gold

    Jada hairstyle is not something new for a South Indian bride, be it adorning their braid with real gold embellishments or decorating a sleek bun with a rakodi. The jadas are not only beautifully crafted, they accentuate the hairstyle and take it to a new level.

    Go With A Modern & Elegant Bun

    bride styling her hair into a modern elegant bun

    Well, if you’re a modern South Indian bride, opt for an elegant bun and let your stunning jewellery do the talking. You can either go for some juda clips to decorate the bun or adorn your hair with some fresh flowers.

    Messy Braid

    brides have been flaunting messy braids

    Wanna ditch the regular braid? Go for a messy one and trust us, it looks just as pretty. While North Indian brides have been flaunting messy braids for some time now, South Indian brides are also doing it and we’re ecstatic about it. Not only will a messy braid give an unconventional look to the bride, but it also looks amazing when adorned with baby’s-breath or rosebuds.

    Let Them Loose With Curls

    hairstyle for south indian bride with loose curls

    Yes, we know that keeping your hair open on your wedding day is not something very common. But eventually, the trend is picking up its pace. We’ve already seen several South Indian brides letting their hair loose with soft curls and they look as amazing.

    The One With The Beautiful Gajra

    South indian bridal hairstyle with gajra

    As a bride, you can never go wrong with the classic gajras. So, if you’re not sure about your bridal hairstyle as a South Indian bride, go for a simple bun or a braid and decorate it with gajras. Not only you’ll love the sweet and mild fragrance of the jasmine flowers, it will give you an ethereal look that’s unmatchable.

    Bubble Braid

    a south indian bride styles her hair with  Bubble braids

    Bubble braids are so in trend right now. And since braids are such a significant part of a South Indian bride’s look, you can totally go for this look. From stone embellishments scattered randomly to fresh flowers, you can decorate your braid with anything. You can also go for multiple bubble braids if you are planning to leave your hair open but want a twist to it.

    Sleek Tight Bun

    a bride styles her hair like sleek tight bun with little flower

    Hair buns are an intricate part of Indian weddings, aren’t they? Mehendi, shaadi or sangeet, the brides do end up getting the arrangement for at least one of the ceremonies. TBH, there’s nothing better than a sleek tight bun if you are matching your hairdo with a saree. It depicts elegance and class like no other hairdo.

    A Donut Bun With A Scintillating Braid

    a bridal style her hair like a Donut Bun With A Scintillating Braid

    While a basic donut will look beautiful in itself but combining it with a braid will amp up your hairstyle. Tie your hair in a donut bun, use flowers to decorate it in a way that the centre of the bun stays bare. Then suspend a faux braid and use traditional brooch accessories.

    Braid With A Gajra Hairstyle

    Gajra hairstyle for south indian bride

    This is yet another creative way to use gajra to decorate your braid. You can either cover up your entire braid with the beautiful jasmine flowers or section your otherwise simple braid with multiple loops of gajra. This can also pass off as a reception hairstyle for a South Indian bride.

    Make Your Day Special With These Bridal Hair Accessories For South Indian Brides!

    South Indian brides bring so much elegance to the table with their traditional attire. Be it their temple jewellery or the beautiful jadas, they carry themselves with so much grace and we totally heart that. The minute we see a South Indian bride, the first thing that comes to notice is either the gorgeous maathapatti or the stunning hair accessories. 

    Well, we all know that South Indian brides go for braids as their bridal hairstyle predominantly but the dulhans, these days, are not afraid to experiment with their shaadi looks. They make sure that they go with something that will make them stay authentic to their roots and yet look fashionable. Also, they ensure they decorate their gorgeous locks with some beautiful hair accessories. So, here are the bridal hair accessories for South Indian brides that make or break the look. Check them out!

    Naga Jadai

    South Indian Hairstyle with Naga Jadai

    Naga Jadai is a long bridal hair accessory for South Indian brides that covers up the entire braid. Nothing adds bling to your bridal hairstyle like this stunning accessory. There are several types of naga jadais available in the market. While some have divine motifs, others have designs resembling flowers. 

    Tip: Naga jadais are heavier as compared to the other hair accessories so try them once you buy them so that you're comfortable with the extra weight.

    The Billais

    South Indian Hairstyle with Billais

    Billais are stone-like jewels that are used to accessories the braids along with flowers. These clips vary in size and are generally arranged in descending order on the braid. Not only do you get unlimited options when it comes to billais, but they also look absolutely gorgeous. You can also get them customised by adding flowers to the stones. They complement the South Indian bridal hairdo in the perfect way.


    a south indian bride wear Chandrasuryan on her hair

    Chandrasuryan are an important part of the temple jewellery. The Chandran - jewellery piece depicting the sun - is worn on the left side and is a symbol of health and power while the Surya - jewellery piece depicting the moon - is a symbol of romance and is worn on the right side of the head.

    The Raakodis

    a south indian bride wear Chandrasuryan on her hair

    They are another must-have as far as hair accessories for South Indian brides are concerned. The Raakodi is like a giant juda pin. This bridal hair accessory is either put at the start of the braid or on the juda. So, for South Indian brides, who do not prefer to wear flowers in their hair, this can be a great option.

    Bun Chains

    hairstyle for south indian bride with bun chain

    Well, a juda decorated with some bun chains might sound boring and simple but the variety of chains available these days, you can turn a simple bun into a gorgeous hairdo. 

    The Floral Touch

    Hairstyle with flower for south Indian wedding

    Flowers are, without a doubt, the most important and mandatory accessory for a South Indian bride, but how you use it is completely up to you. You can give a floral touch to all kinds of hairdos, be it a bubble braid or a sleek tight bun.

    Earrings With Chain

    a woman wearing a pair of earrings with stunning chains on her hair

    Believe it or not, but if you’re going for a bun, wearing a pair of earrings with stunning chains will take your hairdo to another level. Several brides are preferring chains as they serve a dual purpose.

    The Venis

    Beautiful hairstyle for south India bride with artificial flowers and  raakodi

    Venis are small strings of artificial flowers, which are tied to the start of the braid. It can be either below or above the raakodi depending on your hairstyle. Usually, multiple venis are used in the bridal hairdo to match the attire.

    Multi-Strand Mathapatti

    A women in wearing mathapatti - An essential hair accessory for south india bride

    Just like the earrings with chain, a multi-strand maathapatti can serve the purpose of a stunning hair accessory for the South Indian brides. Look how stunning this bride looks as she has matched the chandrasuryan with her maathapatti.

    5 Online Stores To Buy Hair Accessories For The South Indian Bride!

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    From venis to raakodis, you can buy several hair accessories at Mirraw at reasonable prices.

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    Not only the hair accessories, Vadaamalar also specialises in other South Indian jewellery.

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    If you wanna buy a reusable mogra venis, Amazon is the site for you.

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    For some of the best jewellery experiences, browse through Tarinika!

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    Shopping from Flipkart is not only relatively cheaper, you can also be sure of the quality you get.

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    So, picked your favourite hairdo yet?

    Featured Image: Instagram/South Indian Brides

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