Pucker up! This DIY Lip Stain Will Leave You With Irresistible, Moisturised Lips

Pucker up! This DIY Lip Stain Will Leave You With Irresistible, Moisturised Lips

Lipsticks took the back seat back in 2020, thanks to the lockdown and face masks. And even though we'll be wearing masks for the unforeseeable future, lipsticks are making a comeback. Everyone is opting to go matte so that the lipstick stays in place even after removing the mask. But let’s face it, wearing matte lipsticks is not the most practical option, considering all you're doing is taking trips to the grocery store or staying indoors with your partner or family. So, what should you wear? We’ve got the perfect solution--lip stains!

Lip stains will not only add a hint of colour to your lips but also keep them moisturised throughout the day. But before you go out to buy a lip stain, scroll on down to find out how you can get kissable lips with this DIY lip stain. This lip stain is perfect for those who are on a budget and plus, you get to feel like a cosmetic chemist developing your own makeup.

How To Make Your Own Lip Stain At Home

This DIY lip stain will help you get that just-bitten lip look while keeping the lips moisturised and hydrated. Here's what you will need from your kitchen cabinet.


- 1 teaspoon of cocoa butter
- 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
- 1 teaspoon beeswax
- 1 pinch herbal powder like cocoa powder (or a small scoop of your favourite natural lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow!)


- To make your own lip stain, first, mix the cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax until it becomes a paste.
- Next, microwave the mixture for 15 seconds to melt or if you don’t have a micro, keep it on low heat in a small saucepan.
- After 15 seconds are up, stir the melted ingredients.
- Wait for the mixture to cool down before adding in the pinch of colour you desire. You can add a bit of lipstick to make it more pigmented.
- Stir well, and voila, you’ve got your very own lip stain. Just apply this the next time you plan on running errands to add a wash of colour to your lips. You can even add it for those impromptu #NoMakeupSelfies to create the more natural look.

This DIY lip stain won’t just add a wash of colour to your lips but also keep away the dryness and flakes, especially during the winter.

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