It’s Raining Babies! 18+ Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Impress

best baby shower gifts ideas for moms and dads

So Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma just had a baby girl and so did Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani. Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan must also be awaiting some amazing baby shower gifts as they prepare for the birth of their second child together. It’s not hard to catch the drift and what we are trying to say here: it’s legit raining babies right now and we’d like to call it the pandemic effect. And honestly, no judgments in case you too planned a baby in the past year. I mean we were all at home, it was a great time to plan your family, conceive, and spend your pregnancy time while comfortably working from home. 

All in all, chances are that someone around you is going to be a parent super soon and in case you are on the list of a select few who make it to their intimate baby shower, a huge challenge awaits you. Wondering what that might be? The perfect baby shower gift, of course! But fret not ‘coz we have got you nicely covered. Irrespective of whether you are looking for ideas of baby shower gifts for moms-to-be or dads-to-be, we have curated a selection of gift ideas that are sure to deliver (pun intended). Also, in case you are the ones throwing the shower and looking for return gifts for baby showers, that too has been taken care of. Impressive, right? Scroll through:

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    7 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Moms

    Becoming a new mother is like living two lives at the same time and while the mother whose baby shower you're planning to attend might be 100 per cent prepared, you can lend a helping hand through the gifts that you choose. Without further ado, here are 18+ baby shower gift ideas for mom that’ll keep you nicely covered:

    The Gift Of Self Care: MyGlamm Glow Iridescent Brightening Skincare Pack


    Glow Skincare Everyday Essentials Kit

    INR 3,585 AT MyGlamm

    Postpartum can be a hard time for new mothers especially in the case of hair and skin. Give her the gift of great skin with this easy peasy CTM routine by MyGlamm that has been formulated in South Korea and sure to rejuvenate her skin in no time. It’s an amazing baby shower gift and she'll surely love you for this!

    The Gift Of Comfort: Free Size Maternity Wear

    Give her the gift of comfy maternity wear and she wouldn’t stop thanking you for it. Something free size that she can wear through all phases of pregnancy as well postpartum, would be a great baby shower gift for the mom-to-be. You can choose from a soft jersey robe or a nice, cotton kaftan. 

    Bump Loving's an amazing homegrown brand that you can shop from.  

    A Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea: Romper Set


    Mothercare White & Pink Printed Romper

    INR 1,400 AT Mothercare

    Let’s face it, baby’s are like high maintenance divas who can never have enough clothes. Now, in case you are going to a baby shower party, a romper set would be a fail-proof baby shower gift idea. Rompers are unisex, and a super convenient way to keep the baby fully covered without hampering their moments. 

    A Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea: Phone Holder


    Foldable Desktop Mobile Phone Holder

    INR 371 AT Crombie

    Want to surprise your friend with a unique baby shower gift that also helps her with her day to day tasks while taking care of the newborn? Get her a phone holder that can be fixed anywhere so as to help her use her phones without any hassles. Trust us, she’ll love this one. 

    Handmade Baby Shower Gift : First Year Frames

    Want to give your mom-to-be bestie a handmade baby shower gift that’s also emotionally significant to her? We suggest you use your creativity to make first-year frames that can be used for the newborn’s monthly picture for the first year. Not only would this be an emotional gift but also something absolutely unique. 

    A Thoughtful Idea: Mom-To-Be Gift Set


    Mom-To-Be Complete Care Gift Set

    INR 1,680 AT The Moms Co.

    From a stretch mark oil to body butter, here’s a gift set that’s custom made for new moms. While parents-to-be tend to get a lot of baby care packages, they surely miss out on self-care goodies and this gift set will fill that gap. This baby shower gift would surely be appreciated by the mom-to-be who you plan to give it to. 

    DIY Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Garment Cupcakes

    Love all things DIY? Might we suggest baby garment cupcakes to flaunt your skills? This nifty DIY baby shower gift idea is uber cute and is sure to make your gifts shine among the lot. You can watch this video to learn more about baby garment cupcakes:

    6 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Guests

    Excited for the baby shower that you just planned but absolutely clueless when it comes to baby shower gifts ideas for guests? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Here are some interesting ideas for you to choose from:

    Classy And How: Assorted Teas


    Southern Scapes Collection Gift Box

    INR 1,500 AT Karma Kettle

    Karma Kettle boasts of a refined selection of teas and we highly recommend this assorted box for your baby shower return gifts. From the contents of the box to its packaging, everything has been done to perfection and your guests are sure to admire this gift. 

    An Interesting Gift Option: Switch Fix + Blue Tokai


    Daily Grind Body Scrub

    INR 489 AT The Switch Fix

    The Switch Fix + Blue Tokai make for equally interesting gifting options as well. They are fun, quirky, and packed with the goodness of repurposed coffee, apricot oil, and cocoa butter. Ahh-mazing is the word you are looking for because this is going to be a cent percent hit! 

    Personalised Baby Shower Gift For The Guests: Snackstar's Exclusive Offerings


    Hartleys Strawberry Ready To Eat Jelly

    INR 225 AT Hartleys


    Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons

    INR 400 AT Cadbury


    Cadbury Roundie Milk Chocolate Wafer Biscuit

    INR 150 AT Cadbury

    What better way to mark your celebration than the gift of sweets? We know you like the idea and while we are at it, we recommend you try a little personalisation and curate gift hampers with your choice of fun sweet treats. has some exclusive offerings that you can check out right now.  

    Something Cute: Hair Ties


    A Bunch of Scrunchies

    INR 450 AT Nykaa

    Here’s the thing about hair ties: there are always needed and thus make for the perfect baby shower return gifts. Even better if you can get your hands on a really fun pack or just go with our recommendation sans any hassles. 

    Cute Baby Shower Return Gifts: Adorable Mugs


    Tea Cup With Lid

    INR 1,090 AT Nestasia

    Looking for some baby shower return gift ideas? We just found this adorable mug set that’ll totally have you hooked! 

    The Need Of The Time: Unique Masks


    Unisex Reusable Scarf Face Mask - Anti Dust / Anti Pollution

    INR 799 AT Masqed

    All thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we have arrived at a point where face masks can be considered as legit gifts. Here's a unique option for baby shower gifts for your guests. Now, this is one return gift that you know won't be passed on. 

    6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Dads

    Thankfully, dads have evolved over the years and have understood that they are as much responsible for the newborn as the mother (if not more). That’s exactly why your dad-to-be friend needs a baby shower gift as much as their partner and here are some options that you can explore! 

    A Useful Gift: Diaper Pail


    Starplus Odour Free Diaper Disposal Pail

    INR 4,495 AT StarPlus

    If mom’s gonna feed then dad’s gonna change! A diaper pail is what we suggest and it is a gift that he’d surely appreciate. 

    Funny Baby Shower Gifts: A Book On How To Mess Up At Parenting


    How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

    INR 806 AT Knock Knock

    The perspective of fatherhood has your friend freaking out really hard? How about you do exactly what best friends do and add some fuel to the fire with a funny baby shower gift? 

    Matchy Matchy: Complementing T-Shirts


    Best Dad And Son Black Tees

    INR 1,099 AT Bon Organik

    Take it from us, no one likes matchy matchy clothes more than new dads. And this is why we are a hundred percent sure that any dad-to-be would give you an instant bear hug upon discovering that you actually bought them matching t-shirts as a baby shower gift. 

    A Gift He’ll Appreciate: Diaper Bag


    Backpack Style Diaper Bag

    INR 842 AT First Cry

    Yes, diaper bags have no gender but we kinda have a hunch that any dad-to-be would appreciate a solid one over a smattering of nursery prints. Just saying! And in case you agree, here’s a baby shower gift that you might wanna buy. 

    A Gift Both The Parents Will Appreciate: Chair Cushion


    Amron Xamax Coccyx Cushion

    INR 889 AT Xamax Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd.

    Okay, this is a gift that not just the dad-to-be but the mom-to-be would appreciate as well. After all, this is for the nights when the dad gives mom a breather, let her sleep, and pulls an all-nighter while soothing a teething baby. According to us, the best baby shower gifts for dads that you can lay your hands on!

    Self Care For Dads


    Coffee De-stress - Gift Kit

    INR 995 AT MCaffeine

    We bet the mom-to-be would receive a ton of self-care kits but what about the dads who have pulled up their socks and are all set for all-nighters? They totally deserve their personal self-care packages as well and this coffee de-stress kit would surely impress. 

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    So fam, all set to surprise the parents-to-be with our curation of awesome baby shower gifts?

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