23 Unique & Awesome Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Long Distance Valentine

23 Unique & Awesome Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Long Distance Valentine

Being in a long distance relationship is hard and whoever said that “with time, it gets easier” clearly wasn’t in one to experience the situation. According to me, as your bond grows stronger and stronger with each passing day, the amount of time spent missing that special one grows simultaneously, as well. No matter how many times in a day you may speak to them via texts, calls or face-chat, let’s admit - no form of technology can ever let you come nearly as close enough to the experience of sitting cosily wrapped up in the arms, hearing their voice from up front, watching them tease you and laugh ceaselessly, and holding their hands while venting your worries.

Alright alright! Let’s not drown ourselves in the sea of nostalgia yet. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and like many of us, if you too, unfortunately, cannot spend the day with your long distance valentine, worry not! We bring you a list of some of the most awesome Valentine's Day Gifts For Long Distance Boyfriend that you can use to surprise your special one and help them feel your presence in the best ways possible:

Long Distance Valentines Day Ideas
DIY Gifts For Valentines Day

Unique and Creative Gifts That Will Make Your Valentine Go "Wow"

A Mug That Connects The Souls Of Two States

When two souls are apart in two different states, nothing serves better than a sweet reminder that distance is just a word. Customize this mug with pictures of you and your bae and the states you belong to and let them know that they are “worth every mile” - each time they drink their favourite beverage, alone, thinking about you.


Price: Rs. 690. Buy it here.

Hampers For Different Occasions

Couples who want their partner to feel their presence can gift some unique hampers which not only works for every occasion but for every mood as well (even the terrible ones). This gift comprises a set of 5 open when boxes, where each box is meant to be opened during a specific mood only. Inside each box, you will find gifts according to each mood.

valentine day gift idea

Price: Rs 1940. Buy it here.

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Countdown To Your Important Day

A long-distance relationship does test your patience. In your mind, you continuously count days which makes it even more frustrating. It would be romantic valentines week gift idea for your partner something that would count the time until you see each other again! You can range a countdown clock from 1 minute to 1999 days. You don’t have to manually calculate remaining days on the calendar – just enter the current date and target date.

valentine day gift

Price: Rs 3536. Buy it here.

A Calendar Of Love

To those separated for years, there’s nothing more beautiful than waking up to mark the beginning of each new day by looking at your loved one’s picture on a calendar. Not only will it brighten up their day, but will surely make them feel like you’re in their presence for at least a few seconds, every morning. Customize it with some of your best moments spent together and bring a smile to their face every time they look at it to see a date.

Starting Price: Rs. 250. Buy it here.

Lamps That Bridge The Distance 

With these revolutionary in-sync lamps, “light up” your loved one’s life in less than a second - across town or country - with just a simple touch of your hand. All you need to do is set up each of your lamps via Wi-Fi, then reach out and touch your lamp whenever you want your loved one to know that you’re thinking of them. So, whenever you’re feeling low and missing your constant sunshine, this lamp will remind you in its own way that light can be found in the darkest of times but shines even brighter when it’s emitted by the person you love the most, irrespective of the number of miles between you both.


Price: Rs. 6,047. Buy it here.

Frame-D in Love With Sweet Little Memories

Beautifully handcrafted, this photo frame wall art sums up the right amount of love and strength it takes to keep a long distance relationship alive by connecting the two different locations (of you and your other half) in a world map with a heart. All it needs is a customization of 6 of your most favourite pictures, your initials and a sweet message of your choice.


Price: Rs. 1,690. Buy it here.

A Gift Locked For My Special Valentine

This is one of the coolest and most amazing love hampers you could ever find and hence, should stay “locked” for only those who truly deserve this form of overwhelming pampering. This Special Edition gift box involves your personally written secret messages in QR codes for your loved one to unravel in order to unlock the beautiful steel box and attain gifts such as combined fridge magnets, chocolates, vintage pocket watch and a bunch of 7 adorable letters with “7 Reasons To Stay Mine Forever”. If it sounds this romantic, I can only imagine how amazing it looks!


Price: Rs. 2,240. Buy it here.

A digital frame to play your sweet memories together

Transfer all your crazy pictures together into the digital frame so that your partner can keep rolling your first date, first kiss and all memorable moments whenever they want.

digital frame

Price: Rs 2999. Buy it here.

Pillows That Will Give You Sweet Dreams

This perfect long distance gift can be customized with your own pictures, the two states you belong to, and even a sweet message you’d want to give to your Valentine. These pillows not only serve as a beautiful souvenir but embrace you with a special kind of warmth that will continue to remind you of your loved one every time you cuddle and sleep with it.


Price: Rs. 1,790. Buy it here.

You've Got A Message In A Bottle

Surprise your loved one with special, secret messages in this set of 3 bottles, which have the oldest tradition of being the best delivery service for love. As soon as they pull the cork, a long ribbon tied to it will open out to reveal your messages. To make it even more interesting, you can either hide the bottles for them to find or hand over each one at a different time/day to build up the excitement.


Price: Rs. 790. Buy it here.

Make Them Feel Like A Star - By Naming One After Them

Show your loved one that you mean the world to them, literally - just by naming a star after them. No, we’re not kidding and it's much simpler than you think. All you need to do is share the name of the person you want to surprise, select the zodiac and a star will be automatically picked for them. The package would, then, include a personalised certificate with the name of that person and a constellation chart with the location of the star. You can even add a beautiful personalized message on the certificate if you want. Can you think of doing anything more special on Valentine’s Day? I certainly can’t.


Price: Rs. 1,950. Buy it here.

A Map Of Our Hearts Without Any Distance

For those who are romantic at heart, let your unconditional love and faith grow with this special surprise. This uniquely handcrafted map easily connects your love that spans across two countries/towns in which you and your loved one is currently living, only to prove that distance definitely tends to make hearts grow fonder. All you need to do is choose the two places to be connected, printed on a canvas sheet and back framed. This lovely art of happiness can, then, be hung anywhere around the house and remind us of how special our Valentine is.


Price: Rs. 990. Buy it here.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

This unique gift is nothing less than a modern take on the classic love notes. With this, you can now send as many beautiful and heartfelt messages to your loved ones as you want - anytime and anywhere in the world. Whenever you send a new message through the easy-to-use app, the chunky heart on the beechwood box would begin to spin to alert the recipient. Then, your “better half” has to open the box to read the sentiment on the mirrored screen inside. They can even return the virtual affection by spinning the heart to send a shower of digital hearts to the sender’s screen. Isn’t that just super adorable?


Price: Rs. 7,114. Buy it here.

Create Your Own Love Story And Publish It

Telling someone you love them has never been this easy and fun. Ever dreamt of having your own love story published in a novel? Now, you can! Each love book is a custom made list of all the little reasons why you feel they are important to you. Not only is it easy to build by selecting from thousands of ideas and creative illustrations, but even more fun to give. You can even customize your own avatars, personal messages, and add all your special moments and inside jokes to the stories. In short, you can literally make your love story come to life!


Price: Rs. 2,558. Buy it here.

Spectacular Wooden Creations That Last For A Lifetime

While the distance may or may not last for too long, you should definitely gift something that lasts much longer - exactly like the love between you both. This website owns a collection of some of the most unique and superbly personalized wooden home decor accessories, photo engraved wooden posters, funky certificates, wooden signs, notebooks, wall art, eyewear and even cool wooden bowties. So, go ahead and choose what you think may appeal to your loved one the most and let the creativity begin!


Starting Price: Rs. 2,499. Buy it here.

A Gift Box To Stimulate All Their 5 Senses

When you’re away from someone for a long time, you lose out on all their senses as well. To express how much you look forward to staying with them for life, say it with this incredibly innovative set of 5 beautiful gifts - each designed for one of their senses. The gift box contains a small bell with a message which says “ring this for a kiss” for Hearing, 5 pictures of both of you together for Sight, 10 heart shaped homemade milk chocolates for Taste, a bottle filled with bath salt for Touch and a potpourri with 2 scented candles for Smell. Now, this seems like a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day treat, doesn’t it?


Price: Rs. 1,950. Buy it here.

Lamps That Light Up Your Home Just Like Their Presence

They make the most perfect gifts for someone who tends to light up your day with their smile, or in the case of long-distance couples - their voice. These customized lamps not only beautify your home interiors but also express the right amount of sentiments along with it, pretty effortlessly. Imagine coming back home to some of the best memories - all bright and beautiful - shining in your house only to make those moments come alive and reminding you of your loved ones. You can choose from a variety of lamps including Personalized Table Lamps, Rotating Lamps, Hanging Lamps and Bottle Lamps.


Starting Price: Rs. 2,199. Buy it here.

Cuddle. Press. Hear Their Voice. Repeat.

If your special valentine loves a soft toy, they are going to go gaga over this cute little surprise. All you need to do is add a lovely voice message to a smiley shaped soft toy and every time they press it, your message will automatically play. The cushion can even be unzipped to change the audio message whenever you please. Looks like your cuddling partner finally found something new to hold onto in bed!


Price: Rs. 1,950. Buy it here.

Speak To Your Heart's Content Through This Cassette

When you live away from someone for a long time, a lot of things tend to remain unsaid. Such feelings are neither describable in texts nor expressed properly in hurried phone calls. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner with the gift of “speaking your heart out” with this classic miniature cassette shaped pen drive, personalized with an actual audio message from you. This 8 GB pen drive is reusable and compatible with all devices as well.


Price: Rs. 1,790. Buy it here.

DIY Gift Ideas That Will Take Your Valentine To Cloud 9

Spice Up Your Long Distance Love Life

Try being a little naughty and send him a pair of your favourite, sexy lingerie with a secret message that turns him on in the most unexpected moments. It might take him by the surprise but he’ll definitely thank you in the end. Who knows? It might even get him to visit you much sooner than you're expecting.


Time For Some Old School Lovin' With Handwritten Love Letters

If you’re the kind who has got their guards up for quite a while and shies away from confessing what fully goes on in your heart, then, this is your day. Take a pen and paper, and start expressing your deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings and almost everything that you wouldn’t vent on normal occasions. Just pour it all out - your Valentine deserves it!


Gifts Full Of Happiness And Bundles of Memories

More than any expensive gift in the world, it’s always the gift of small efforts that shine the most in the end. On this special day, why not take them down the memory lane? Show them how much you know about your dates, their likes/dislikes and fond remembrances. Create your own personalized gift hamper with the first tub of ice-cream you both ever shared, the DVD of the first movie you both watched together and maybe, a souvenir of the place you both went out on your first romantic date. This little package of love will definitely make them feel on top of the world!


The Quickest Way To A Foodie's Heart Is Through Their Stomach

If your Valentine is a big-time food enthusiast, nothing beats the satisfaction of surprising them with a full-fledged scrumptious meal from their most favourite restaurant in the world. Make sure to pamper them a little extra, today, by adding every delicious topping, appetizers and siders to the meal. Last but not least, help them give into some sinful sweet pleasure by ordering desserts as well.



Most importantly, gift or no gift, just try to make them feel like they are the most precious gift that life may have given you so far. We all know that no distance remains forever. So even though it might be hard today, just remember that all this time spent apart will only make the moments you spend with each other sweeter and even more enjoyable. Till then, have a little faith and keep sexting! *wink*

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