Rapunzel Approved: This Easy Onion Oil Recipe Will Help Grow Out Your Hair In No Time

Rapunzel Approved: This Easy Onion Oil Recipe Will Help Grow Out Your Hair In No Time

Admit it, our mood depends on how our hair looks...and our hairstyle depends on our mood! One day we want to sport the trending bob that pretty much everyone on Instagram is flaunting these days, but as soon as the big chop happens, all we want is our long hair back!

Growing out your hair is a tad difficult! One minute your hair is finally growing and suddenly, it just stops. And even if our hair does decide to play the rapunzel card, split-ends, dead hair, hair-fall are some of the reasons why we have to visit our beloved hairdresser!

But one thing we can all agree upon, natural remedies work so well as compared to the salon treatments we spending our money on! Whether it's a DIY hair mask or our naani maa's secret recipe, never underestimate the power of all-natural care.

One such oil (or should we say magic potion) is onion hair oil!

Oil Love You

We all have that one friend who loves eating kaccha pyaaz with everything! And there's that one friend who picks out tomatoes and onion rings from every food item possible (me, I'm that friend!).

And just like me, if you do not prefer eating onions, why not make a DIY onion hair oil that will not only make your hair stronger but will also make it grow faster than ever? Let's get your mane superlong and flip-worthy!

Let's Make Onion Oil

Are you ready to make your own secret potion that has nothing but good intentions for your hair? Let's get started!

You'll need:

- 4 onions

- A grinder or a juice maker

- Coconut oil

Step 1: Peel off the onion's skin, cut them into small pieces, and put in in the grinder.

Step 2: Grind them for a minute or two until it turns into a fine paste.

Step 3: Take it out of the grinder and squeeze out the paste and separate the onion juice from it.

Step 4: In a saucepan, add 2 tbsps. of coconut oil, onion juice, and 1 tbsp. of onion paste. Turn on the stove and allow it to boil.

Step 5: When you see the first boil, turn off the gas and let your mixture cool down.

Step 6: When it cools down, use a strainer or a cloth to filter it properly and your DIY onion hair oil is ready to be applied!

Remember, this will only make a tiny portion of hair oil, and probably will last you up to two champi sessions! If you wish to make more, just double the quantity of everything. You can also add other oils that your hair loves such as blackseed or olive oil for a powerful punch!

Why Will It Work?

Onions have natural antioxidants that help:

- Grow hair.

- Prevent premature greying of hair.

- Nourish hair.

- It is also a rich source of sulphur which prevents thinning of hair, baldness and hair fall.

But you have to keep a few things in mind. While its a miraculously great product, it won't show its magic unless you are taking care of your diet, eating foods that are great for your hair, or not sleeping on time!

Just apply your onion oil 2-3 times a week for an hour and let the game of flipping hair begin!

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Once you start incorporating it into your hair care routine, we bet the only time you'll ever cry is while chopping onions... and not because of your hair woes!

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