#SistersBeforeMisters: Bridesmaids Boxes To Gift Your Girls To Make Them Feel Special

#SistersBeforeMisters: Bridesmaids Boxes To Gift Your Girls To Make Them Feel Special
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Your bridesmaids are the ones who have been with you through it all- the wedding shopping, the tantrums, the sangeet practices, the bridezilla moments, the I'm-going-to-have-to-live-with-a-boy moments and everything in between and they deserve the very best. You guys have been thick for so many years and have probably discussed this moment umpteen times.

Remember when you sat in school and were convinced that you were going to marry your first boyfriend and even took out FLAMES at the back of your notebook? Well, they were right there with you. They heard about your first date with your fiancé and have probably heard the proposal story a hundred times- they're the true unsung heroes of the shaadi.

Once your bride tribe list has been finalised and the bachelorette trip has been planned, giving them a little something for the amount they've done for you is a great idea. Bridesmaid boxes with tidbits thrown in and personalised notes telling them that they mean the world to you can make them feel super special.

Here Are Some Places You Can Pick Up The Cutest Bridesmaid Boxes From:

From brands who make personalised boxes to ideas on what you can put inside, here is everything you need to know about creating the perfect bridesmaid box.

Vintage Notes Papery

Vintage Notes Papery does the cutest bridesmaid hampers and puts together everything you want in it. From cute eye masks, hairbrush, sheet masks to a manicure and pedicure kit, this one is to really pamper your besties. They even have eco-friendly versions with potted plants, organic tea flavours, raw honey etc. for the ones who want to keep everything in their D-day sustainable.

Out Of The Gift Box

These are your guys if you want to have all things personalised- from eye masks and shot glasses to silk nightsuits and hats all their things will have your bridesmaids' names on them. They even pack them up cutely and make for the perfect token of appreciation. Our suggestion, gift these before your bachelorette trip so that you can all get adorable pictures together.

Wedding Lounge by Urvi Sethi

A hangover kit for all the jägermeister shots you're going to have can be added to the bridesmaid kit along with matching tees, a polaroid camera, a tiny bottle of champagne or rose and a note telling them that they're in for a rollercoaster ride!

Live Love Surprise

These guys specialise in planning and decorating everything for a surprise event like a birthday or a proposal. If you want to have an entire day planned where you and your bridesmaids can celebrate, then these are the guys to contact. They also do personalised robes and tees so if you want to curate the box yourself by picking up different things from different places, you can contact Live Love Surprise.

Party Favours To Add To Your Bridesmaid Boxes:

Here are a few gifts to add to your bridemaid boxes and make your girls feel loved.

Matching Tees

POPxo Exclusive
Sisters T-shirt (Box Fit)
INR 899 AT POPxo

Get matching tees with a slogan about your friendship or you can even pick out a personalised tee with 'bridesmaid' written on it. It'll be sweet and also look great for an Instagram photograph!

Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Bear Slippers
INR 690 AT Shein

Comfortable slippers that would keep your besties warm and happy would be a great thing to add to the box. The only thing you've to be careful is if the box is big enough to accommodate these. 

Beauty Treatment

Dromen & Co Jade Facial Roller
Jade Roller
INR 1,424 AT Nykaa

A jade roller for your girls to look their stunning best on your D-day is essential. While they wear a face mask, they can keep the blood flowing and look after their skin cause they deserve a li'l pamper sesh. 

Scented Candles

POPxo Exclusive
Rose Scented Square Pillar Candle
INR 479 AT POPxo

We're pampering them and treating them like the princesses they are, right? A fresh smelling scented candle is all they need to calm them down while you give them the chills during your #bridzilla mode!  

We're sure you've got loads of ideas for your sisters now. So get planning and give them the sweet surprise they totally deserve. 

Featured Image: Artfoto Studios

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