The *Cutest* Personalized Gifts To Give Your Bridesmaid At The Bachelorette!

The *Cutest* Personalized Gifts To Give Your Bridesmaid At The Bachelorette!

This story was updated in January 2019.

Besties - people who make life easier just by being around. Especially when you’re getting married, your girlfriends are the ones who help you stay sane. If you love your girl squad to the moon and back, and really want to show them all your love and appreciation, then check out these cute personalized gifts for your bridesmaids/besties. They make us want to get our friends married…. Just so we could get them as gifts!

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaid

1. Floral personalized travel kit

1 gifts for your bridesmaids travel kit set

Trust us, this gift is as cute as it is useful! This pretty travel kit is a brilliant option for all your girlies, especially if you’ll are going on a bachelorette trip. It’s also something they will be able to keep with themselves, always!

You can buy this beautiful birdie print travel kit set on Love This Stuff for Rs 990.

2. Gold-plated pendant

2 gifts for your bridesmaids personalized pendant

If you are not sure about the jewellery choices of your besties, then this simple and elegant pendant is the perfect gift for them. You can get their name or just the initial customized on it too.

You Can buy this pretty Medula cursive pendant on Pipa Bella for Rs 1,450.

3. Passport covers

3 gifts for your bridesmaids passport cover

Okay, this one’s another great option for your girl gang, and it’ll be great if you could give it to them before heading out for your bachelorette trip. You can also choose from a variety of design patterns (in place of the tiara on this one) to be added to your customized passport. So cool!

Buy this glittery passport cover for Rs 540 on The Messy Corner!

4. Vanity kit

4 gifts for your bridesmaids cosmetic kit

“I have enough makeup”, said no girl ever! Most of us just love to stock up on all kinds of amazing makeup products. And more often than not, they cost a bomb. This classy yet sassy cosmetic kit will help them store their priceless makeup in a neat and organized manner.

Buy this beautiful charcoal grey cosmetic kit for Rs 2,299 on Love This Stuff.

5. A set of pouches

5 gifts for your bridesmaids pouches set

We just love collecting cute bags and pouches, and we are sure your girls would love a cutesy bag as a gift too! These personalized pouches come in a set of three, in different sizes, with such adorable prints. We love!

Buy this pink polka-print set of pouches from Love This Stuff for Rs 790.

6. Eyewear case

6 gifts for your bridesmaids eyewear case

How about another very adorable, vibrant and useful gift option for your girls - a chic eyewear case. You can get it customized in various colours, with the name printed in a subtle golden hue. Your besties will totally love it, we promise!

How adorable, right? Buy this cutesy eyewear case for Rs 750 on Love This Stuff.

7. Canvas tote

7 gifts for your bridesmaids name bags

From makeup to hair brushes and perfumes, we girls have a lot of things that we just stuff into our bags. A roomy tote bag like this is just perfect for all kind of casual outings. It goes well with a variety of outfits too, which is always a plus!

Love it, don’t you? Buy these extremely useful name tote bags for Rs 550 on Love This Stuff.

8. Bride's & besties tee and a cute pajama set

8 gifts for your bridesmaids brides bestie nighsuit

This is a perfect, perfect gift for your besties. The colour, the print and the cute font of the printed text make it such a great combination! It is a super comfy option for those lazy weekends in bed and trust us, your girls will love you for it.

Buy this super cute yet super comfy white and pink nightsuit set on Asos for Rs 1,734 (approx.)

9. Floral Compact Mirror

9 gifts for your bridesmaids compact mirror

Every girl should have a compact mirror in her bag, you know, for all those last minute fixes before a date, or even just to admire that perfect winged liner! And what better than a compact mirror… with a name printed on it! Do we need to say more?

Your girlfriends will totally love this floral printed compact mirror, so buy it on Exciting Lives for Rs 399.

10. Bathrobes

10 gifts for your bridesmaids personalized bathrobe

We cannot even count the number of times we have come across cutesy pictures of bride and bridesmaids photoshoots, where all of them huddle up wearing customized bathrobes! We are telling you, those pictures are goals! Are you going to get a photo shoot done with your girl gang too? If yes, then you know what to get them as a gift!

You can order them on the Instagram page of Wisteria Nights. They are for Rs. 1,650 each!