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7 Really Cool Wedding Favours For Your Bestie That She'll Absolutely LOVE!

7 Really Cool Wedding Favours For Your Bestie That She'll Absolutely LOVE!

The most important person in a wedding is surely the bride. Who’s next you ask? No, not the groom. The next most important people (as per the bride) are her besties, of course! They provide the necessary entertainment, help and support that every bride needs on her D-day. Right from being a 3 am friend to tolerating the erratic bridezilla moods, a bride’s best friend is like a steady rock of Gibraltar of the bride. Now it’s time for you, as a bride, to give them a memorable gift of thanks through some cute wedding favours. Here are few that we particularly liked, and are sure they will too! Take a look...

1. Beauty hampers

beauty hamper

What can be a better gift than surprising your girls with an indulgent beauty box? Make sure you curate a cute little beauty hamper with their favourite products and other beauty essentials. We bet, they’ll love you for it.

Buy this beautiful set of Body Herbals Beautiful Day Spa Hamper on Nykaa for just Rs 1,349.

2. Cute little floral dresses


Pack some really cool floral or funky printed dresses along with a hat and a pair of sunglasses for your squad. And yes, don't forget to leave a little quiz note for them to unfurl your next all-girls adventure together.

Buy this Ditsy Print Open Back Wrap Hem Cami Dress on Romwe for just Rs 626.

3. Tassel bling

tassel earrings

They have added enough bling to your wedding, now it’s your time to do it for your lovely girlies. Tassels earrings are in and they add that perfect boho feel to any look. Rest assured, they’ll love it!

Buy this beautiful pair of Tassel Detail Feather Drop Earrings on Romwe for just Rs 127.

4. Spa sessions

What could be better than gifting them an indulgent spa session? Your bridesmaids might have worked very hard for your wedding and God, they deserve it!  

5. Easy Breezy getaways

We know you can’t plan it right after your wedding, but do plan a vacay for your girlies as a token of love. Who said you have to let go off all the gossip, late night phone calls and pizza nights after you are married? You would definitely need at least a week-long vacay to catch up on all the things you might have missed during the crazy wedding planning!

6. Sweeten it up!

A box full of cute little cupcakes and macaroons is always a good idea! You know their favourite flavours and you know that sweet treats like these will always make them happy!. Don’t forget to customize each of them with a special note and a goofy polaroid picture of the two of you.

We suggest you order their favourite cupcakes from Theobroma online through Swiggy or Zomato based on your location.

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7. Keep those hangover hampers handy!

The Crazy Me We All Deserve An Alcoholiday Hangover Kit

Trust us, your girl squad might need it the very next morning of your wedding. Pack a nice box with some aspirin, lemonade, barf bags, energy bars, pouched water and a sanitizer  and voila, you've saved the day for your bffs.

Buy this ‘Crazy Me We All Deserve An Alcoholiday Hangover Kit/Pouch’ on Amazon for Rs 249.

Featured Image: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks