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7 Ways To Have A Healthy Argument With Your Partner So You Don't Regret It Later

7 Ways To Have A Healthy Argument With Your Partner So You Don't Regret It Later

Where there is love, there will inevitably be fights, arguments and tears. This is just how relationships are. Everything is like a bed of roses a lot of the time, but there are also days or moments when you argue with your partner and things can get rough. This post is to help you get through the not-so-easy days with your partner. When you both have arguments, things get out of control and you both end up being hurtful. To help you through this, we give you tips on how to have a healthy argument that won’t leave you teary and miserable. 

8 Tips To Make Sure An Argument With Your Partner Doesn’t Turn Ugly

Because you should smile through the good and bad times together, right?

Argue in good faith

No matter what the reason behind your argument is, keep in mind that your loved one isn’t maliciously out to get you. So, always think before you say something that could end up hurting the other person or something that could lead to a situation that you regret later. 

Keep your emotions in control

Letting your emotions take over your sense of logic can push an argument to a disastrous level. Always keep your emotions under control and make sure you are using logic and reason to make a point in front of your partner during an argument. 

Take a moment to pause if you or your partner need it

If a situation arises wherein you feel you both are either too exhausted or the argument is getting heated, the best thing is to take a break and come back to the argument later. Taking a breather will help you step back and look at the larger picture. You might see some logic in the points that your partner made and the same could happen for them with regard to your take on the topic. 

Don’t veer off topic

Bringing back old problems or issues into an argument that’s on a completely different topic is a complete no-no. That only makes the situation more sour and hostile, and it also makes you lose track of why you’re having the argument in the first place. It’s best to solve the issue at hand and keep your focus on that. 

Time it correctly

Timing is everything when it comes to arguments. Decide the right time and place to talk things out and ensure that you have enough time to do this. Also, ensure you both are in the right frame of mind for it. For instance, don’t start an argument 5 minutes before you are to leave the house. Or if you’re extremely angry at that moment, tell your partner as much and schedule the argument for later when you’ve calmed down. 


To have a healthy argument with your partner, remember that listening is the key! While you might have many points to make, your partner will have a take too and it’s important to respect their opinion.  

Keep it out of the bedroom

Going to bed without concluding a heated argument will lead to a hostile atmosphere. If you must, pause the argument if you have to go to bed and continue it at a later time. The bedroom is meant for you to take rest and be calm, make sure you maintain peace in there. 

At the end of the day, remember that you love each other

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Remember, that ultimately you do love each other and that’s the only thing that matters. Don’t let the argument get out of hand due to emotions or anger as that could lead to a situation that hurts your partner and you. Be respectful and know that you have each other’s best interest in mind.