10 Fights It’s OKAY To Have In A Relationship - So Relax, Girl!

10 Fights It’s OKAY To Have In A Relationship - So Relax, Girl!
Believe it or not ladies, your relationship is going to be one heck of a rollercoaster ride where no two days will be the same. You can go from being super romantic in one moment to being completely infuriated about something he said (or did) in the next. Nothing should keep you from speaking your mind and here are 10 relationship fights it is okay to have with your boyfriend. 

1. Who is doing the dishes?

If you think that it is unfair that you run most of the errands in your household, point it out to him. After all, your work schedule is just as hectic as his and it’s not fair for him to come home and plonk himself on the couch, while you head straight to the kitchen to start making dinner. 1 relationship fights

2. The cheque, please!

He shouldn’t be the only one paying at the movies and at restaurants. And the next time he tries to, insist that you are getting the cheque. We mean, it is only fair. And you certainly have every right to treat your man.

3. Appearance-wise

Well, you might think that he would look terrible wearing slim-fit jeans and he might not want you to get your hair cut short. It is perfectly fine to argue about such inane stuff so that you guys can eventually get your way.

4. Food dilemmas

You are craving a lasagne while he is insistent on biryani. You know what we’d say? When in doubt, order both. Or fight until he gives up! 4 relationship fights

5. Phone woes

Either you or he is a social media addict - constantly on your phone, with barely enough time to spend with the other person without any distraction. And obviously, that’s going to cause some problems! It's okay to fight this one out, ladies, until to reach a compromise.

6. That one person who never listens

Or worse still, listens and then forgets about it. The second person in the relationship ends up feeling dismissed and ignored. Encourage yourself to bring this up and have a healthy argument with your partner if you feel this way.

7. Ex alert!

When his ex-girlfriend pops out of nowhere and starts commenting on his photos. That’s sure to ruffle some feathers. But if it is something harmless which your boyfriend doesn’t take seriously, you could also let it pass… And it's also okay to make a tiny scene before letting it pass. 7 relationship fights

8. Reassessing priorities

Broadly speaking, every serious relationship has two kinds of people. One who is ready to jump the gun and start planning the future, the other is much more laidback and ‘let’s go with the flow’ types. Some friction is bound to arise when one of you is determined to examine the long-term potential of your relationship and none of that interests the other.

9. Control issues

There is no way to wring a person’s hand to make them behave the way you’d want them to. And sometimes letting go is for the best. So, by all means, fight about what you guys disagree on and then come to an amicable solution.

10. Weighty stuff

The quintessential ‘Do I look look fat in this dress?’ If you want them to honest, you need to be able to take a compliment and some criticism. Don’t chastise him for wanting you to take your health seriously or even just answering your question honestly.
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