Can't Decide What To Watch? Here Are 108 Of The Most Binge-Worthy TV Shows Ever

Can't Decide What To Watch? Here Are 108 Of The Most Binge-Worthy TV Shows Ever

For a very long time, television shows were held in much lower regard when compared to films. When it came to Indian TV shows, they were dominated by the same old mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law tussle or slapstick comedy where people make a mockery of crossdressers. However, there were also some treasured gems which truly understood comedy like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Khichadi. Now, we’re lucky to have TV shows from all over the world available with just one click. 

Today, the quality of writing, scale of production and attention to detail in television shows has gone up, blessing us with great content. Another thing that led to TV shows’ popularity is that the viewing experience changed--you no longer have to wait every week to watch the next episode because it’s all readily available on streaming platforms. In India, the biggest players are Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, which gives us a lot of options--the only downside being not being able to decide what to watch next. 

Table of Contents

    To make your life easier, we’ve listed down the 108 of the best TV shows to binge watch.

    From drama and romance to comedy and thriller--this list has something for everyone! So open up that packet of chips, sip on a chilled beverage and get, set, binge...



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    Comedy TV Series To Binge Watch


    We all love a good comedy sitcom, and it’s the go-to genre when you want to switch off your brain and just have a good laugh. We’re obviously starting off the list with everyone’s favourite--Friends--but if you feel like you’ve watched and re-watched the show too many times, then we’ve got some equally great shows you can watch instead. Say bye-bye to your sleep and hello to copious amounts of coffee because you won’t be able to help yourself and press the ‘next episode’ every time.

    1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    2. Brooklyn 99
    3. That 70’s Show
    4. New Girl
    5. How I Met Your Mother
    6. Big Bang Theory
    7. Seinfeld 
    8. The Office
    9. Modern Family
    10. The Good Place
    11. Parks And Recreation 
    12. 30 Rock
    13. Arrested Development
    14. The Mindy Project
    15. Girls
    16. Veep
    17. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    18. Jane The Virgin

    Best Romantic TV Series

    Amazon Prime Video

    Romantic television shows are the best to watch with your girl gang during a sleepover. Dedicate your Saturday night to popcorn, wine, endless romantic tv series and sheet masks. Many of these you may have seen already but a cute episode of Gilmore Girls or binge watching another season of Sex And The City with your girlies is always a phenomenal idea. 

    1. Sex And The City
    2. Insecure
    3. The L Word
    4. Love
    5. Vampire Diaries
    6. Chewing Gum
    7. You, Me, Her

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    Best Thriller TV Series To Binge Watch


    If romance and comedy don’t get you riled up enough, thriller may be a genre you want to experiment with. What’s better than spending a weekend almost biting your nails off or riddled with the anxiety of what happens next? So gobble up these heart-pounding thrillers and press ‘Next Episode’ every time you’re left on a cliffhanger.

    1. The Handmaid’s Tale
    2. Jack Ryan
    3. Narcos
    4. Ozarc
    5. Homeland
    6. The Americans
    7. Absentia
    8. You

    Horror TV Series


    3...2...1… Boo! If you love watching scary movies, then horror TV shows will also be right up your alley. From dealing with supernatural to horror shows based on real-life incidents these TV series will scare the bejesus out of you. Keep the side lamp on through the night because you’ll probably be sleeping with one eye open.

    1. American Horror Story
    2. Hannibal
    3. The X-Files
    4. Walking Dead
    5. Stranger Things
    6. Supernatural
    7. Bates Motel
    8. Wayward Pines
    9. Channel Zero
    10. The Exorcist

    Best Crime TV Series


    Crime is another very popular genre to binge watch--to get into the mind of a criminal, to understand the brilliance (and heartlessness) of a serial killer and to also understand how they get caught. Finding clues, piecing them together and coming to the conclusion is thrilling. 

    1. Sherlock
    2. Mind Hunter
    3. Breaking Bad
    4. Line Of Duty
    5. Peaky Blinders
    6. Fargo
    7. White Collar
    8. Hannibal
    9. Orange Is The New Black
    10. Seven Seconds

    Binge Watch The Best Teen TV Series


    If you ask me, this is my favourite genre to binge watch tv series. Yes, I’m a 25 year old with real, adult problems--the electricity bill has been pending for the past 20 days so will that mean our light could get cut off soon. But watching teenage tv shows takes me back to a time where I had no responsibilities and no problems except my best friend and I not having similar outfits to twin in at parties or my boyfriend giving me grief. From the high drama of the elite society in Gossip Girl to more contemporary works like Sex Education, this list is perfect for the young adult deciding what to watch.

    1. Riverdale
    2. Sex Education
    3. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
    4. The End Of The Fucking World
    5. Gossip Girl
    6. Pretty Little Liars
    7. Friday Night Lights
    8. 13 Reasons Why
    9. Glee
    10. Emerald City
    11. 90210
    12. Beverly Hills 90210
    13. One Tree Hill
    14. The O.C.

    Drama TV Series To Binge Watch


    Drama and TV shows are almost synonymous and we still love them. These aren’t like the K-serials we’re used to in India where the protagonist dies thrice but comes back to life each time. Great writing, beautiful shots and well-thought-out character development makes these dramas binge-worthy. From Shonda Rhimes’ classics like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal to cult TV shows like Game Of Thrones, this list is drama, drama and more drama.

    1. How To Get Away With Murder
    2. Grey’s Anatomy
    3. Game Of Thrones
    4. The Crown
    5. Big Little Lies
    6. Mad Men
    7. Newsroom
    8. Fleabag
    9. Chernobyl
    10. When They See Us
    11. Scandal
    12. Gilmore Girls
    13. Downton Abbey
    14. This Is Us

    Binge Watch The Best Science Fiction TV Series


    Science fiction is a genre that’s been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years with great shows like Stranger Things, Altered Carbon and Sense8 all exploring different aspects of the style. If this is something you enjoy and like to think of alternate realities and go into the depths of the ‘what ifs’ then here are some of the best sci-fi shows for you to veg out on.

    1. Black Mirror
    2. 3%
    3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    4. Westworld
    5. Doctor Who
    6. Orphan Black
    7. Fringe
    8. Stranger Things
    9. Rick And Morty
    10. Legion
    11. Altered Carbon
    12. Sense8
    13. The OA

    Docu-Series To Binge Watch


    Obsessed with documentaries and docuseries? We’ve listed down our top picks. Get transported to the land where Osho’s peaceful cult armed themselves in order to wage a war against the system. Or gain insight into the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and be cold with chills. History buffs, we’ve got lots of shows on this list that you’d love too.

    1. Making A Murder
    2. Wild Wild Country
    3. The Jinx
    4. Planet Earth II
    5. The Story Of Diana
    6. The Last Czars 
    7. The Disappearance Of Madeleine Mccann
    8. Conversations With A Killer: The Tapes Of Ted Bundy
    9. The Staircase
    10. Blue Planet
    11. Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey
    12. The Vietnam War

    Food And Travel TV Series To Binge Watch

    If you live to travel and travel to live, these shows are tailor-made for you. Food, spice, travelling and everything nice will make you want to book your tickets and fly off to these exotic locations. They are also great to watch before planning your next vacay!

    1. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes
    2. Street Food
    3. Chef’s Table
    4. Stay Here
    5. Somebody Feed Phil
    6. Nailed It
    7. The Great British Baking Show
    8. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

    So are you ready to bid farewell to your sleep, social life and other commitments? Because after the extensive list we’ve given you, you’re going to be on your bed, glued to your laptop for hours, days or maybe even years!. Bookmark this article so that you always have recommendations for what to watch next. Let the binging begin!

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