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18 Indian Web Series EVERY Girl Needs To Watch!

18 Indian Web Series EVERY Girl Needs To Watch!

TV shows are passé! Web series are the new rage, and why shouldn’t they be? They are usually short and sweet and there are so many awesome ones out there. When you are done binging on Pakistani shows on Netflix, get on to the next step. Here is a list of the new web series you must watch including some cute romantic web series, comedy web series and many more. Go ahead, grab some popcorn (and your bestie) and get watching!

Indian Web Series That Will Make You Binge Watch Them!

With our attention span decreasing day by day, we need more interesting web series with good content to watch and that is why we look for more than just romantic web series. Here is our list of Indian web series that you can binge watch.

1. Little Things

Love does not have to be about grand gestures always! This is exactly what this Indian romantic web series from Dice Media is all about. Watching Dhruv and Kavya is like watching every urban couple ever. Their bitter-sweet quarrels and their romance is oh-so-adorable! It is a romantic web series that brings into light the small but significant things in a relationship.

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2. The Girl In The City

Meera, an ambitious small town girl who aspires to become a fashion designer, has limited time to prove his soldier father that she can be successful in the field of Design. Watch her daily struggles and the competition she had to face in the city of dreams Mumbai. You can watch this series on youtube. The IMDb rating for this series is 7.8.

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3. The Trip

Four friends and one crazy, mad and super fun road trip to Thailand, this is what this series is all about. The Trip by Bindass will keep you glued to your screen as you watch these girls embark on a journey that is filled with adventure, fun, emotions and some misadventure too!

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4. Humorously Yours

TVF is back with another one of its creations and this time, it’s all about following the life of Vipul Goyal, a standup comedian. Behind all the humour that we see, there is a story which not everyone sees. So dive right into this one. And did we mention it has an IMDb rating of 9.4?

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5. Delhi Crime

Watch DCP Vartika Chaturvedi investigate a horrifying gang rape case. The series reveals the dirty crime of the city and will make you cringe at times. Good direction, good plot and good actors have made it one of the most popular Indian series on netflix right now. This new Indian web series to watch has an IMDb rating of 8.7.

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6. Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri by Arre follows the journey of an intern, Spandan Chukiya, who travels from Meerut to Mumbai in the hope of fulfilling his dreams. As he juggles love, loss and corporate life, he realizes that the real world is nothing like it is made out to be in college.

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7. A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

Sam is a 26 year old app developer, who is more or less a genius, but also a loner. And then one day he creates A.I.SHA, a software armed with artificial intelligence. Just when he thinks everything will finally be under his control, he realized that A.I.SHA is beginning to develop a mind of its own. Watch this amazing web series by Arre which has love, drama, suspense and everything that makes for a good blockbuster!

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8. The Aam Aadmi Family

The Aam Aadmi Family by The Timeliners is a light-hearted and very relatable account of a family.  Devoid of any high end drama, it aptly showcases the aam troubles of the aam aadmi. This one is a treat to watch and you can totally watch this with your family.

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9. It’s Not That Simple

What would you choose? An unhappy marriage or a perfect affair? It’s Not That Simple, is it? This web series by Voot shows what all can transpire when a marriage becomes a burden. It is sure to keep you engrossed and guessing episode after episode.

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10. Chinese Bhasad

Major Badrinath Tripathi cannot tolerate so much as a Chinese lightbulb, but then his grandson comes home and says he wants to marry a Chinese woman. Chinese Bhasad by Voot is full of drama, laughter and action. It is an absolute treat to watch, so don’t miss it.

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11. All About Section 377

‘We fear what we don’t understand,’ couldn’t be put any more appropriately than this web series by The Creative Gypsy has. A homophobic ends up living with 2 roommates who are gay. How they deal with each other and how his phobia ultimately pans out is something that is worth watching.

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12. Shaadi Boys

On the big fat Indian weddings thrives the big fat Indian wedding industry and three guys decide to plunge into the madness of the shaadi planning business. This web series by Voot portrays this crazy ride in the most awesome way possible. So go ahead and give this one a watch, you won’t regret it…at all!

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13. Married Woman Diaries

Being a married woman is one helluva ride! SonyLIV presents Married Woman Diaries, the story of a couple from the married woman’s perspective. It’s not just hilarious, it is in fact, bang on! A light-hearted watch for when you feel like doing nothing.

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14. Sid, Sandy Aur Siyappa

TBH, the name of the series made us giggle a little! Sid, Sandy Aur Siyappa by Kosh Oats is a very apt account of what happens when the girl and the guy’s family actually get together after the wedding. A riot of emotions and drama ensues as Sid and Sandy try to do some damage control!

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15.  Man’s World

An unhappy guy Kiran feels that the world is not a happy place for men and is biased towards women. He prays for a magic where men and women exchange places. His wish is granted! Now what follows is an unexpected chain of events which is really interesting to watch. The IMDb rating for this series is 7.4.

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16. Untag

The world is always out to give us tags - fat, thin, coward, bossy, pushover and a million other things. Untag by Voot is about being who we are not what people make us to be. It is about taking pride in our identity and being better than our so-called ‘tag’.

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17. Permanent Roommates

A creation of Biswapati Sarkar and The Viral Fever, popularly known as TVF, this web series tells the story of a young couple that has been together for

Permanent Roommates is an Indian web series created by The Viral Fever and Biswapati Sarkar. This series revolves around a young couple, Tanya and Mikesh, who after being in a long distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of marriage. The first season had its premiere on YouTube on October 29, 2014.

IMDb 8.6

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18. Alisha

Alisha is a crime investigation series that is set in the backdrop of the fashion industry. The series follows the experiences of Alisha. So if you want to watch a detective story with the background of the fashion world, here’s one. The IMDb rating for this series is 7.8.

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So, which one are you starting with?



Published on May 3, 2019
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