7 Stories Of Unplanned Pregnancies That Will Touch Your Heart

7 Stories Of Unplanned Pregnancies That Will Touch Your Heart

Being sexually active before marriage is completely fine. It's okay to experiment with your likes and dislikes in bed as far as you're being safe. Be it condoms or contraceptive pills, safe sex is important to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and emotionally and physically draining. However, in some cases, it can be a blessing too. Everyone has a different journey and these 7 real unplanned pregnancy stories will touch your heart.

1. A tough trauma to recover from


"I got pregnant when I was 18 and unfortunately didn't realize until I was almost 3 months in. I was dating a terrible guy who refused to support me through this. When I told him that I was pregnant, he broke up with me the next day! I had to deal with everything that followed myself. I obviously couldn't tell my parents so I decided to confide in my closest friends. One of them took me to the abortion clinic while the other one stayed over with me for a few days and handled my mother. We realized that we had passed the point of taking a pill. We had to go through an actual abortion. They would need to vacuum clean my uterus - and without parental consent, we managed to find a doctor who was willing to do it. I scheduled the abortion for a Saturday morning, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I could feel stuff being sucked out of me and I could see all the contents (of my uterus) being pulped in a glass canister. I've never forgiven myself for it, it still haunts me. Because the abortion was so intense, I couldn't get out of bed for a week. The bleeding continued for about a month. By the end of the experience, I swore off men and sex until I found the man I knew I wanted to marry."

- Anonymous

2. Teenage pregnancies are terrifying

"I was only 16 years old when I finally came to accept my pregnancy. I had been living in denial for several months before that. I was so scared that I would let my family down and that they'd be disappointed in me. However, I told them and they were supportive and accepting of whatever decision I took. With a whole lot of counselling and understanding my options, I found a social worker who helped me out. I used to even make lists of what the pros and what the cons for my baby were. The decision was a tough one but it was extremely clear. I gave my child up for adoption to a beautiful set of parents and a loving home. I have no regrets about what I did for my birthson. I am now married and have children again and I also have a career which I'm grateful for."

- Anonymous

3. All's well that ends well

"My husband and I got married at the very young age of 22. Within a couple of years, our families kept asking us about babies and although everyone else seemed so excited for us to procreate, the two of us were pretty clear on the fact that we never wanted kids. I never felt like a very maternal person and was never particularly fond of babies, thankfully my husband felt the same way. In fact, in all our years of marriage, we were so careful about using condoms to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Imagine our surprise then when we found out that I was pregnant last year, after 8 years of marriage and in spite of using a condom. I was in complete shock and utter disbelief which progressed into anxiety and nervousness through out my pregnancy. However, to my surprise all that changed the day my baby girl was born. She really is the apple of our eye and my husband and I can't get enough of her. Life has given us the best gift, even if it was an 'accident', I can't help but feel extremely blessed."

- Anonymous

4. A miscarriage can be terrible


"I didn't know I was pregnant until I had a miscarriage. I had been married for about five years and didn't want a baby. And because of my PCOS condition, becoming pregnant was an issue so we didn't use protection. One day I went to the washroom and was in excruciating pain and went to the doctor and she told me that it was a miscarriage. I have never felt that devastated in my life but my husband supported me through it. Even though we didn't want a baby as such, losing it was heartbreaking. Now we are trying to have kids but haven't been successful till now."

- Anonymous

5. In the end, it all works out

"I had been dating my boyfriend for eight years and we had spent a lot of time together. We had also been looking to get married for a while but it never seemed like the right time. That's when I realised that I was pregnant. I used to have very erratic periods due to the many hormonal complications I had so didn't even think it was strange that I didn't get my periods for three months. When I took the pee test, I completely freaked out. I told my boyfriend and he too was really scared but supported me. We decided to abort the child because telling our parents wasn't an option. We went to the doctor and got an ultrasound but then we heard the baby's heartbeat. We actually heard her breathing, he already looked so big. Both of us just couldn't go through with it and we decided to tell our parents. To our surprise, all of them took it really well and were REALLY excited to welcome a tiny human to our clan. We put a date on it and had a wedding within a month. Five months later our baby girl came into our lives and completely filled it with her laughter and giggles. We have never been happier."

- Anonymous

6. Third time lucky!

"I have had three unplanned pregnancies and it's been a rollercoaster, to say the least. The first was when I was still a teenager, I was eighteen and it was a birth control failure. I decided to have an abortion. It wasn't traumatic for me like it is for many. I do wish I didn't have to go through it but it happened, it happened. 

The second one happened when my husband and I had already stopped trying for a baby. I went to the doctor and realised that I was three weeks in but it ended in a miscarriage in six weeks. This really got me and I was diagnosed with situational depression. It took me two weeks to heal due to complications when it should have taken two days. But God has a plan, I guess.

The third one is in my tummy right now. He/she is kicking hard and I'm so excited to meet him/her. We stopped trying again and went on a vacation. When we got back we got a gift too."

- Anonymous 

7. Everyone's path is different


"I think everyone's journey is different. I was in a long term relationship with my boyfriend but we are both complete no-baby people. We have two dogs who we love and our family is complete. I realised I was pregnant six weeks in and we both went to get the abortion. It was super painful and I cried through it all. He got me my fave takeout and we cuddled with the dogs and slept. I took off work for a couple of days and he did too. He was with me through it all and it was awful but heartwarming at the same time."

- Anonymous

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