12 Myths About STDs You Should Stop Believing Immediately!

12 Myths About STDs You Should Stop Believing Immediately!

Remember the chapter 'Reproduction' in 8th grade? How many of you studied the chapter beyond strangely ogling at the female and male genitals? Well, knowing about sexual health and hygiene is as important as knowing about sex positions. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are unfortunately very common. You must get tested for one immediately if you haven't yet. And let someone educate you on what they are, what are their symptoms and what could be the cure if you're infected.

Most people are unaware of STDs because they're shy about openly talking about them. Precisely why they make their own assumptions and spread misguided information about STDs out in the wild.

Here's a list of some unbelievably bizarre myths about STDs that you should immediately stop believing. Read on! 

1. Myth: You Would Know If Someone Has An STD By Looking At Them

Fact: It is not always that the symptoms are visible. For instance, in case of Chlamydia, you might not have any symptoms and you can pass along the infection without knowing it.

2. Myth: You Can't Get An STD If You're Using A Condom

Fact: Even though condoms do prevent from getting any STDs or infection but they do not guarantee 100% protection.

3. Myth: You Don’t Need A Condom If You're On Birth Control

Fact: Birth control sure reduces the risk of getting an STD but does not completely protect you from getting one. So, condoms are a must.

3 STD Myths

4. Myth: You Can Get STDs From Vaginal Sex Only

Fact: No! There are STD risks from oral and anal sex too. In fact, anal sex has a very high amount of risk because it involves more friction.

5. Myth: You Can't Get An STD If You're On Your Period

Fact: Unfortunately, your period is not some sort of wall that can protect you from getting an STD. In fact, you can contract one while menstruating.

6. Myth: You’re Immune To The STD Once You’ve Been Treated

Fact: To our dismay, STDs don't work that way. Despite medical treatment, you can get infected by the same or similar disease again.

6 STD Myths

7. Myth: Having A Bath After Sex Can Help You Get Rid Of The STD

Fact: Taking a shower after having sex is very hygienic but doesn't help you ward off an STD if you have one.

8. Myth: You Can't Get An STD If It's Your First Time

Fact: Sex doesn't come with a risk-free trial period. You need to protect yourself every time, including your first.

9. Myth: You Can't Get An STD If You're Not Having Sex

Fact: Any kind of sexual contact can make you prone to an STD. Experts say that STDs can be passed through genital contact without penetration.

9 STD Myths

10. Myth: You Can Catch An STD From A Toilet Seat

Fact: This is very unlikely to happen because the viruses or bacteria that cause STDs cannot live outside the human body.

11. Myth: You Won't Get An STD If You Are Having Sex With Your BF

Fact: You can get an STD from a partner you totally trust, or even from a heavy makeout sesh in some rare and extreme cases.

12. Myth: STDs Can Cause Death

Fact: STDs can cause serious health problems. Untreated STDs can make you infertile in the long run but do not cause death.

12 STD Myths

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