15 Women Reveal The One Buri Aadat Of Their Partner That Drives Them Crazy

15 Women Reveal The One Buri Aadat Of Their Partner That Drives Them Crazy

All of us are batshit crazy in some way or the other. It’s only when we meet someone who is equally crazy that we find the true joys of a relationship. But what happens when this craziness goes a little further and touches the grossest realm of behaviour? Would you still want to share a life with that person? We asked women about that one weird habit of their partner that drives them crazy AF, and now we are amazed at the responses.

Ladies, if you think your SO is a complete nutcase, these answers from women will make you instantly forgive your partner for showing up late on dates.

1. “He has a weird habit of smelling anything and everything that he can get his hands on. Weird because it is not just about food anymore. It can be anything- dirty dishes, socks, and even earwax.”


2. “My husband has this annoying habit of peeing with the toilet seat down, even after being told not to do this multiple times. P.S. He’s pretty hygienic otherwise.”


3. “He forgets to flush the toilet. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME”


4. “He will overeat and then burp in a row.”


5. “My boyfriend has insanely loud sneezes. He can scare the shit out of someone with that sneeze of his.”


6. “Whenever he wants water, he will open the refrigerator, take out a bottle, drink and then leave the bottle right on the table. As if it is totally not his job to fill the bottle and put it back in the fridge. Oh and he will take out a different bottle when he’s thirsty and leave it on the table again.”


7. “My boyfriend is Punjabi and is crazy about punjabi songs. He wants me to have the same love for Punjabi music. So every time we are in the car and by default listening to one of the songs from his neverending playlist, he will pause the song after every goddamn line to explain the meaning to me.”


8. “This is about my ex-boyfriend. If he dropped food on his shirt or the table while eating, he would pick that up and eat it. It got very annoying because he did the same even in restaurants, which got pretty embarrassing.”


9. “He never puts his things where they actually belong. You can find a towel under his pillow and his shoes in the bathroom. With him, there’s no designated place for anything. This is not all. He then gets annoyed with me if I try to put his things back in place.”


10. “He will arrive awkwardly early every time we are going out and then get mad at me for being late.”


11. “He goes to the toilet with his iPad. Even after he has done his business he will sit there for like an hour more and play games.”


12. “He has a disgusting habit of farting inside the blanket we share. I know it’s intentional because even if he is out of the blanket at that moment, he will quickly sneak back in as he knows that annoys the hell out of me.”


13. “He will only have sex when the bathroom lights are on. I don’t know if he is scared or what,but I find it very weird.”


14. “My husband’s love for ketchup goes far beyond normal. He can put ketchup on anything that he eats. Be it chapati, pizza, chips, french toast and even biryani.”


15. “After he comes home from work, he will take off all his clothes and lie on the bed naked for at least thirty minutes before hitting the shower.”


So if you are planning to go on your first date with that really hot guy at office or moving-in with your boyfriend soon, ask them "how crazy you are?" before you ask anything else.  

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