6 Indian Mommy Bloggers To Follow If You’re Thinking Of Starting A Family

6 Indian Mommy Bloggers To Follow If You’re Thinking Of Starting A Family

Parenting can be a task, we know that especially in today’s day and age, when we all have careers, homes and families to juggle. If you’re just planning to start a family the whole thing can feel even more stressful. While the joy of having a baby trumps everything, there are details that many young couples struggle with. But don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of the top mommy bloggers in India who are relatable and understand the nuances of parenthood.

1. Tulika Singh

Tulika has one of the freshest writing styles in the blogging scene right now. She's an avid bookworm and her hilarious anecdotes will make you chuck! She's the mum of twins, H and N and her blog 'Obsessive Mom' will really make sailing into parenthood easier.

2. Shweta Ganesh Kumar

This young mommy and her blog 'Times Of Amma' is everything uplifting you need to see in the day. She finds extraordinary stories of ordinary women and shares it with the world and also writes about her two kids.

3. Shailja Vishwanathan

A writer, blogger, poet and an actual social media enthusiast, Shailja gives you a sneak peek into her life and is one of the most popular bloggers of the country. She even just gives tiny tips and tricks and is constantly sharing motivational and uplifting ideas with her readers.

4. Monika Manchanda

OMG! We can smell the flavour of her food from our screen. This mommy and chef extraordinaire will inspire you to cook amazing dishes for your little ones. Anything related to food always gets a thumbs up from us!

5. Simrun Chopra


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For any mommies looking for some fitness inspiration, Simrun is the one to follow. Her diet, fitness regime and her personal journey of motherhood are what makes everyone love her.

6. Mala Tulsiani

This lady and her adorable baby girl are winning our hearts with their adorable pictures and travel diaries. Mala reviews products and baby fashion too so if you're looking to shop, you will find lots of info on her blog too.

So don't worry if you're planning on starting a family, cause these bloggers have got your back.

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