First Hubby, Then Baby? 10 Tips For The Indian Mommy-To-Be!

First Hubby, Then Baby? 10 Tips For The Indian Mommy-To-Be!
It's not easy being a mother - just ask your own mom, and you'll know we're right! And if you're a new mom or a mom-to-be, we know how much stress you're feeling right now. There's worry about getting things right...and even more worry about getting things wrong! But girl, you're strong and you're awesome, and we know you're going to just ROCK mommyhood like the superwoman that you are. And to make you feel just a little bit at ease, we give you 10 little (yet useful) tips to always remember!

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1. There's no such thing as a 'perfect' mom

But you will be the perfect mom for your baby. And you'll get it right because all you do will be done with unconditional love for the little one. From changing diapers to waking up in the middle of the night to their screams, you’ll be there, doing everything you can in your power to keep the baby happy.

2. Don’t be shy, ask for help

As much as you want to manage everything by yourself and make everyone wonder ‘how does she do it all?’, there is absolutely no shame in asking your friends and family to pitch in. Get your sister to babysit, while you catch up on some much-needed sleep! tips for every mom to be 3

3. Begin the new year with doing special things for your baby

Don’t do things just because everyone does it that way. It’s your life, your baby and your peace of mind! Don't be afraid to steer clear of all the 'nuskhas' to take care of your baby (unless you want to, of course). Put your faith in trusted products such as Baby Dove (they're specialists, after all) for the well-being of your little one.

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4. Ask him to pitch in from the get-go

With the exuberance around the baby, don’t forget your husband and don’t let him forget you. He’s probably as overwhelmed as you, so let him take the lead in the daily chores. You two are equally responsible for the child and his support will make this a much smoother experience! You’ll see that these little things will also bring the three of you closer. After all, a family that plays together, stays together. tips for every mom to be

5. Talk to your friends about their mommyhood experiences

You'll find a lot of advice, insight and sometimes, just the peace of mind that comes with being able to share. You're a woman of today, and the way things were done when you were a kid may not be the way you want to do things with your kid!

6. Find time to take care of yourself

We know, the whole pregnancy experience is new to you-you're both anxious and excited! While post-pregnancy you’ve (understandably) been busy showering all your love and attention on the baby, it’s important to keep a lookout of your well-being. tips for every mom to be 1

7. Stocking up for emergencies

You’ve spent months reading up and picking out things that you would need once the baby arrives. But there are always a few surprises you couldn’t possibly be prepared for. It’s also important to make a list of things that your baby might require in case of emergencies. Have a sit down with a well-seasoned friend, sister or even your doctor, and have them list out the possible situations you might face.

8. Savour those precious family moments

With the excitement of taking care of the precious one, the first few months can sometimes be a complete blur for the parents. Find an adorable ‘Baby’s First Year Memory Book’ and record those special moments for your family to reminisce about in later years. The ultrasound snapshot, the hospital bracelet, your baby’s first word - they’re all irreplaceable memories that need to be recorded.   tips for every mom to be 2

9. Breast pumps, nursing bras and more!

These are the essentials you will need to get back in action - especially if you plan to get back to work soon. Nursing bras and breast pumps exist to rescue you and because breastfeeding your baby is nothing to be shy of!

10. And so let go of all those worries

Because a happy mom makes for a happy baby! From daydreaming about your little bundle of joy to customizing your gifts for him or her, keep yourself happy every moment of every day! And who better than Baby Dove to help us cater to that need? Watch the video to find out more about how you can gift the joy of customized skincare for your baby this new year…
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