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6 Dialogues From 'Unmarried' That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud!

6 Dialogues From 'Unmarried' That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud!

POPxo launched its very own web series, Unmarried. It revolves around the lives of Kay, Abby, Sahil, and Chirag as they go through the 'Unmarried' phase of their lives. They stumble through it all while laughing at everything the world is throwing at them. So here are the funniest dialogues from 'Unmarried' that will make you laugh as much as they cracked me up! 

1. Bitter Abby Gets Sarcasm On Point!

01 unmarried jokes

2. Chirag's Accent Just Makes Everything Funnier

02 unmarried jokes

3. Sahil And His Broken Heart

03 unmarried jokes

4. Satya Vachan!

04 unmarried jokes

5. Chirag & Abby's Banter Is My Favourite!

05 unmarried jokes

6. Ouch, That Hit Home

06 unmarried jokes

POPxo’s first-ever web series ‘Unmarried’ has launched. Binge-watch all episodes on the POPxo app. Click here to download now!