The One Reason Why I Totally *Loved* Watching The New Web Series 'Unmarried'

The One Reason Why I Totally *Loved* Watching The New Web Series 'Unmarried'

Movies often give us a feeling that stories cannot have happy endings without someone getting married. If Bollywood is to be believed, happily-ever-after always needs a prince.

We all are always fed the same idea of marriage ever since we were kids. Even if someone doesn't tell you that explicitly, the way the society functions always puts a certain pressure on you to get hitched one day or another.

And then there's always the age factor, where one simply must get married before a certain age! 'Oh wait, you're 30 now? You're too old, you must get married in a year or else you will stay unmarried your entire life.' Believe it or not, the pressure is more severe for women than for men!

The one reason I loved watching 'Unmarried' was that it showed that it's completely okay to be 'Unmarried'.

This new web series from POPxo shows the frustration a woman has to go through as a twenty-something single girl in India. She is asked hundreds of questions about her marriage as soon as she graduates or gets a job!

I love the last episode in particular because Kay does not give up her dream, even when everyone around her is. She even gives it back to the people by standing tall in the crowd and telling them, "It's my life and I will marry whenever I want to. And when I do, I'm sure you'll get the invitation."

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This is what I absolutely love about the show. The fact that it tells you that it's okay if you're unmarried or aren't in a relationship. We are just waiting for the right time, the right guy and that special moment. 

And to all the uncle and aunties who still annoy you...