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Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes

34+ Relationship Jokes, Memes That Will Leave You And Bae In Splits

Let’s be honest, is there anything better than sharing a laugh or two with your partner over girlfriend and boyfriend jokes? Well, GF BF jokes in English or GF BF memes are pretty much a mood changer and we all know how much we could use them right now. So go ahead, and check out our list of funny jokes that are sure to crack you up!

GF BF Jokes

Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes in English

Doesn’t matter if you’re sharing these silly jokes with your partner or your BFF, we can assure you that these boyfriend girlfriend jokes in English will have the two of you rolling on the floor! 

  • Girlfriend: “Am I pretty or ugly?”, Boyfriend: “You’re both.” Girlfriend: “What do you mean?” boyfriend: “You’re pretty ugly.”
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend are like liver and kidney. Boy is liver and the girl is a kidney. If the liver fails, the kidney fails. If a kidney fails, the liver manages with another kidney.
  • Boyfriend: Babe what are you doing? Girlfriend: Nothing, I’m really tired. Just going to sleep now, honey. And you sweetheart? Boyfriend: In the club standing behind you.
  • Girlfriend: Are you sure you love me and no one else? Boyfriend: Dead Sure! I checked the whole list again yesterday.
  • Boy: My Girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pics of her with her new boyfriend. Friend: Really sad, what did you do? Boy: I sent those pics to her Dad.
  • Girlfriend asks: Have you ever cheated, lied or broken a promise? To satisfy his girl, the boy replies: Nothing of these, I haven’t done.
  • Santa kissed his girlfriend in the park. Girl: Please, all this should be done only after marriage. Santa: Do not worry darling, I am already married.

GF BF Funny Jokes

Looking for some GF BF funny jokes? Settle in! We’ve got for you some of the best boyfriend and girlfriend jokes. These GF BF jokes will surely brighten and lighten up your day!

  • Man to his girlfriend: Darling I cannot marry you, my family is objecting. Girlfriend: Tumhare ghar me kaun kaun hai. Man: Ek biwi aur teen bacche.
  • Pinki went to her friend’s house. Pinki : Yaar, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday, what gift should I give him ? Chunki: Is he rich? Pinki: Yes, there’s a lot of money. Chinki : So give him my number.
  • Girlfriend: I forgot my purse at home, I need 1000 rupees. Boyfriend : Take this 10 rupee note and bring your purse by rickshaw
  • Girlfriend: Will you love me just after marriage? Boyfriend : If your husband will allow.
  • Girl: Hello, what are you doing ? Boy: Shaving. Girl: Whenever I call, you always shave. How many times do you shave in a day? Boy: 30 to 40 times. Girl: Are you crazy? Boy: No I’m a barber!
  • Girl: I will divide all your sorrows after marriage. Boy: But I’m not sad? Girl: I’m talking about after we’re married.
  • Boy: Where do you want me to write your name? On the hand or in the heart? Girl: If you love me so much, then write my name on the property paper. 
Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes in English

WhatsApp GF BF Jokes

Want to know what’s the best way to pass time? By sharing these WhatsApp GF BF jokes with your SO!

  • Boy: Yesterday I went to your home. It seems we can not get married. Girl: Why, what happened? Boy: No, I met your younger sister.
  • Girlfriend: You are so intelligent that you brighten the place. Boyfriend: Wherever I go? Girlfriend: No, wherever you leave.
  • Girlfriend: My BF could be an even bigger fool but he lacks ambition.
  • Boyfriend: I need to tell you a secret that I haven’t told you so far. I am seeing a psychiatrist. Girlfriend: Oh! I need to tell you the truth too. I am seeing a psychiatrist, plumber and a mechanic.
  • Boyfriend: Can we have a battle of intelligence between us? Girlfriend: No thanks, I don’t fight an unarmed person.
  • Boyfriend: Do you think I am a perfect idiot? Girlfriend: I keep telling you that you are not perfect.
  • Boyfriend: For the last time I am telling you that I didn’t come here to get insulted. Girlfriend: Then where else do you usually go?
  • Boyfriend: Doesn’t this date make you long for another? Girlfriend: Yes, but no one else would come.
  • Boyfriend: How do I play the guitar? Girlfriend: You should be on TV for your talent. Boyfriend: Am I so good? Girlfriend: If you were on TV, I can at least switch it off.
  • Girlfriend: There is nothing in the world that I wouldn’t do for you in life. Boyfriend: Do you love me so much honey? Girlfriend: Well, what I meant was that I am going to spend my life doing nothing for you.
  • Girlfriend: One of my ancestors was actually a king. Boyfriend: I never knew you were a desendant of King Kong.
  • How do you get your boyfriend to do sit-ups?
    Put the remote control between his toes.
  • Boyfriends are like blue jeans.
    They look good for a while but eventually they fade and have to be replaced.
  • What does a boyfriend and mascara have in common? They both run at the first sign of emotion.
  • My boyfriend and I always laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh harder.

GF BF Memes

Looking for funny BF GF memes to send to your partner? Check out these hilarious GF BF memes right away!

GF BF Memes
BF and GF Memes
Boyfriend girlfriend jokes
Whatsapp gf bf jokes
GF BF Funny Jokes

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