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17 Hilarious Tweets About Marriage That Are Just Too Damn Real!

17 Hilarious Tweets About Marriage That Are Just Too Damn Real!

The term marital bliss can sometimes be stretched and considered marital euphoria! Yeah, pretty euphoric when hilarious jokes actually become the story of your life. You know what they say, first comes love, then comes marriage and then comes a baby in a carriage (more like then comes, priceless tweets about marriage.)

So we've curated 17 tweets about the goodness and weirdness about marriage that will leave you in splits. If you've already tied the knot, then great! And if you haven't, well at least you know what you're in store for!

1. Love on social media!

2. Some mysteries are never solved.

3. Is that even allowed?!

4. Gosh darn it! NO!

5. The disappointment, I tell you!

6. Wedding gifts 101

7. Oh baby, you know me so well!

8. That is so hot!

9. Just everyday things.

10. How could he say that!?

11. The sacrifices women have to make sometimes.

12. That's what you call a transformation!

13. My way or the high way!

14. Life troubles!

15. *muhahhhahaha evil laugh*

16. No boundaries. Ever!

17. It's too hot. It's too cold.

They're hilarious because they're so damn true, you're basically laughing at your own life honey. It's okay, we are too!

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Published on Jul 5, 2018
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