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9 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up EVERY Indian Shaadi Ever!

9 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up EVERY Indian Shaadi Ever!

We all love attending shaadis… Why? Well, because Indian weddings are just awesome. They are the best place to meet all kinds of people - the funny cousin, the judgemental aunty, the dancer didi, or the drunk friend. And not just that, Indian shaadis are also about creating super amazing memories. Check out these tweets we found on Twitter where people shared their hilarious moments from an Indian wedding. These will remind you of the last shaadi function you attended. So, scroll down, have a good laugh and share it with all your cousins and relatives.

1. Oh! Golgappa khatam? *Cries*

1 funny wedding tweets

Source: AskThePankazzzz on Twitter

2. Hahaha… So true!

2 funny wedding tweets

Source: Winkerbell_ on Twitter

3. Haha! This one is so ON point!

3 funny wedding tweets

Source: Smanak on Twitter

4. Happens ALL. THE. TIME!

4 funny wedding tweets

Source: BhayanakPuppy on Twitter

5. We feel you!

5 funny wedding tweets

Source: HaramiParindey on Twitter

6. We can’t wait to see auntie's reaction after this!

6 funny wedding tweets

Source: AksharPathak on Twitter

7. That’s NOT why WhatsApp was invented!

7 funny wedding tweets

Source: INaumanDogar on Twitter

8. Story of EVERY bride-to-be!

8 funny wedding tweets

Source: Saniyazing on Twitter

9. Why? Just why you do you do this, cameraman?

9 funny wedding tweets

Source: BrownPeopleDo on Twitter

These are hilarious! We’re sure you have experienced these too.

Published on May 25, 2017
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