Annoying Things Guests Do That Irritate Wedding Photographers - How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Annoying Things Guests Do That Irritate Wedding Photographers - How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Everyone wants their wedding pictures to be perfect. After all, when the big day is over, all that’s left are the memories and the photos. And to make sure that the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event is captured beautifully, people look towards hiring the best photographer.

The wedding photographers are the ones who are part of all the wedding ceremonies but still usually go unnoticed. That is because they do not want much attention and are just focused on helping the couple preserve the memories of the most special day of their life by clicking gorgeous snaps. But, there are some things that wedding guests tend to do that really bug the hell out of the photographers. So guests, here are some things you should NOT do to help them maintain their sanity and composure during the ceremonies. Take note...

1. Turn away when they're clicking candids

Come on, guys! All they are trying to do is get some nice, candid shots of people at the wedding having a nice time. You will only adore these pictures more if the photographers capture your casual expressions. That is how you make memories, after all!

2. Ask them to click individual pictures of you

This is just wrong... He/she will anyway click a lot of pictures of you around, but specifically asking him to click pictures of you against a particular background is just distracting him from his job.

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3. Give them free fund ka camera advice

Middle-aged uncles and all those wannabes with a DSLR are guilty of doing this. They will go up to the photographer and start giving him advice on lighting, background, aperture and what not! They think that age and in some cases the fact that they own a camera gives them the right to do so, but guess what? The photographer is a professional, he/she is getting paid to do this. They know their job well.

4. Ask them to help you with shaadi stuff

The photographers are always around at every shaadi function, and they get well-acquainted with all the guests. But just because you have formed a rapport with them doesn't mean you can ask them to help you with stuff like picking up the fruit baskets and putting the stuff in the car, etc. Let them do what they're there to do.

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5. Ask them to click some cutesy pictures of your kid

Yes, we agree that your kiddo looks amazing in that mini tuxedo or lehenga and the smile on their face is just infectious. But, asking the photographer to click some pictures of them so that you can get them framed and decorate your bedroom walls with them is not done. This is only acceptable if the bride or groom is your immediate family. 

6. Ask them to snap your pictures from your phone

For God's sake people, they have professional equipment to handle, so just because they are photographers and will know angles and lighting and everything well, doesn't mean you ask them for a mobile phone photoshoot! You should just stick to selfies or ask your fellow guests to click those pictures from your phone.



7. Disrespecting them in any way

Don't. Just don't.

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