Shaadi Planning? A Checklist Of 11 Things Kinda Easy To Forget!

Shaadi Planning? A Checklist Of 11 Things Kinda Easy To Forget!
Planning your wedding is stressful, there's no doubt about that! And even if you are on your A-game - there are some things that are bound to slip from your mind and the repercussions are seen on the big day itself! So, to save you the hassle, we have compiled the ultimate Indian wedding checklist of things that are just too easy to forget! Happy planning!

1. Have a plan B in place before the weather plays spoilsport

Yes, we know - rain is a sign of good luck. But we promise you that having a backup plan in case it rains during one of your outdoor ceremonies will be a smart move!

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2. What time of the day is the wedding going to happen

Because there are certain hours in the day that make your photos come out even better! These are called "golden hours" or "blue hours" depending on whether they’re clicked in the day or night. Make sure you talk to your photographer about this well in advance.

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3. Plan your outfits according to the expected temperature at the venue

Check the expected temperature at your venue on the day of the wedding. It will be a lot easier to plan your outfits this way.

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4. Enough chairs, please

The chairs at a wedding venue are almost always running short. So make sure that you tell your planner about the number of guests you are expecting so that the seating can be taken care of.

5. Plan the placement of seating

It's always good to have some extra seating at the mandap or in front of the stage where the sangeet performance will take place. Remember there are two sets of families including the elderly people.

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6. Brief the photographer beforehand

Obviously you want your wedding to be captured in the most beautiful way possible and no moments should be missed by the photographer. However, you don't want some 8,000 pictures of random aunties eating jalebi at the wedding! Get a cousin to point out all the important family members to the photographer so he/ she knows who to focus on.

7. Wedding website

Make sure you finalise your wedding website or hashtag ahead of sending out the formal invites. This way guests will know where to check for updated info.

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8. Arrange pick-drops for your guests

Make sure there are a few people at the hotel/ venue who are solely in charge of transporting guests. This way, everyone is on time and is comfortably going to and from the venue. Brush up those hospitality skills, ladies.

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9. Caretaker of the wedding gifts

As ridiculous as it may seem, designate someone responsible to follow you around. People will keep handing you wedding gifts and envelopes and carrying a bunch in your hands begins to look awkward after a point. This person can keep collecting the gifts in one place and keep an eye on them too.

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10. Overtime planning

Have a word with all your vendors about being there beyond the designated hours, in case functions don't run on time or the partying carries on all night!

11. The cake

You do not want to spend the last 24 hours of your single life worrying about the cake and how it will be collected and reach the venue in good condition! Make sure that those who are baking it are delivering it to the venue as well, and that too on time. Get someone to coordinate with the bakers so this goes off smoothly.

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