8 Expectations That Couples Should Stop Having In A Relationship

8 Expectations That Couples Should Stop Having In A Relationship

Ah, relationships. The complicated, overwhelming little things. From my parents to my friends to myself, I am yet to see a fully functional relationship. Until then, let's just say relationships leave you in moments of 'wait, what?' more often than not. In my opinion, it's the idea of sacred love that needs to be blamed. We put our partners on a pedestal and ignore their flaws until they are staring at us right in the face. I wouldn't say aim for a relationship without any expectations because c'mon, who are we kidding? But save yourself from these 8 high expectations for a healthier and happier relationship. 

1. If it is meant to be, it will be

This is a convenient truth we tell ourselves when either of the two partners is not putting in the right amount of efforts. Relationships are hardwork and you will constantly have to work for a better tomorrow. The day you give up is the day your relationship dies an easy death.

1 expectations not to have in a relationship

2. You will spend all important moments together

You will miss birthdays, anniversaries, promotion parties, farewells and more. That's how life works. But as long as your presence is felt, you'll do just fine.

3. You're going to be best friends with his best friends and hang out all the time

Um, yeah. That's not going to happen. Your best friends and his best friends will continue to be different entities. And guess what? It's so much better this way!

4. You will always be each other's anchors

Make it a rule in life to always be your anchor. Of course, you can depend on your partner for support through tough times but find the strength that drives you from within, above all.

4 expectations not to have in a relationship

5. It will never get boring

Netflix and chill sounds great until you are doing it every weekend and wondering if there is more to this life? Your relationship is bound to get monotonous as regular life takes over. Don't let this feeling control you. Take some time out and put efforts in if you're feeling this way.

6. Playing the jealous partner will be cute

Jealousy is not called the green-eyed monster for no reason. It's not the cute sulking like they show in movies, it's a form of anxiety that will start eating you up. You have to trust your partner enough to not let jealousy be a strong emotion in your relationship.

7. You'll breeze through conflicts

Of course, you will have fights. And no, you won't solve them with a grand gesture every time. Somedays you will go to sleep angry and that'll make you realise the power of a good sleep. Sometimes they will last for days, or weeks and will most definitely suck. Don't let it come as a surprise to you, instead accept it and start looking for a solution.

7 expectations not to have in a relationship

8. Sex is absolutely magical

Yes, the sex will be good and with enough practice, it will indeed bring immense pleasure to you. Initially, though, sex will be messy and complicated. Don't expect it to be rose petals on a bed because it won't be, and that's okay. The crazy, unpredictable nature of sex is what makes it so fun.

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