10 Funny Things EVERY Father Says About His Daughter's Make-Up!

Nidhi Kavle

Senior Beauty Writer

Fathers have the funniest responses to make-up, am I right!? My father has some pretty hilarious and sometimes downright hostile views about my make-up. Curious to know if I was the only daughter subjected these daily wisecracks, I decided to ask around. Turns out, fathers have a knack for passing absurd comments about their daughter's make-up! So much for being *LIT* AF and airbrushed to perfection, Dad!

1. What have you done to your face? Why do you do this to yourself?! 

1 dad makeup

It's called make-up, dad

2. *Facepalm*

dad makeup internal 2

That gesture speaks louder than words! It was all the validation I needed! Gee, thanks, DAD, I just spent 20 minutes beating my face(with a beauty blender, I am not the hostile one).

3. You look like a ghost, please take that off!

make up dad internal 3

DAD, I just spent Rs 4,500 on this setting powder! 

4. You wear too much make-up! 

dad makeup internal 4

This is sunscreen, DAD!!

5. Why do you always have to look like a monkey when we go out?!

dad makeup internal 5

Because I'm fabulous!

6. What is this war paint! Are you really going to leave the house looking like this?

dad make up internal 6 %281%29

No, Dad! I'm going to spend the next 10 minutes blending away all my problems! 

7. You look like a witch! Are you still watching Zee Horror Show?

dad make up internal 7 %281%29

So much for my vampy lipstick!

8. I'm not giving you any more money, I know you're going to buy more rubbish (Read: make-up)

dad make up internal 8

Pretty Pleaaaaaaseee dad! 

9. You look better without make-up!

dad make up internal 9%281%29

Really, Dad? Would you say that to an artist? Would his canvas look better without paint? Don't answer that. 

10. That's TOO much make-up we're just going for a walk!!!

dad make up internal 10

This is my no make-up look!

I’m sure he means well, and this is his way of telling you that you were born beautiful! But Dad, I like wearing make-up, it makes me feel...the way that Mercedez makes you feel! So, please indulge me.

*pouts and gets what she wants* Thanks, Dad! You the best!

dad daughter make up internal 11


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Published on Feb 17, 2018
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