These Women Talking About Their Period Will Leave You In Tears Of Laughter

Akanksha Bhatia

Lifestyle Writer

Women from all around the world are live-tweeting about their period with the hashtag #livetweetyourperiod, to show that not every woman goes through menstruation the same way. While the cause might be serious, but damn, these tweets are downright hilarious. The brutally honest description of these women going through that 'time of the month' with leave you in tears from laughing too hard. 

1. The Unwelcome Guest

2. We All Know That Feeling

3. Ouch

4. That's One Way To Put It

5. Women Are Badass

6. Not The Wake-Up Call I Expected

7. Period Cravings Are Legit

8. All I Need Is Your Love

9. Meftalspas Is My BFF

10. The Gross Reality 

Happy bleeding, ladies!

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Published on Feb 08, 2018
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