Getting Married? Here Are 10 Adorable Pictures You Must Click With Your Hubby!

Getting Married? Here Are 10 Adorable Pictures You Must Click With Your Hubby!

Ma’am, thoda sa left, neeche dekhiye, haath Sir ke shoulder par…” Does this ring any bells? I’m sure it does. If you’re married or have even attended an Indian wedding (which I’m sure most of you have at some point!), then you know that this is the standard dialogue we hear wedding photographers throwing at the newlyweds. We’ve all seen brides standing in front of a flowery background, showing off their henna-clad hands, ‘acting’ coy, the couple gazing into each other’s eyes and all those generic poses. But hey, are these really the wedding memories you want to preserve from the most special day of your life? Your wedding photographer should be capturing moments, and NOT poses. Falling short of creative and adorable ideas for your wedding pictures with hubby? Okay then, take cue from these cutesy couples and their pretty wedding photos.

1. Framed in love!

Look how cute! We really loved the concept of the ‘frame in a frame’. You should definitely have this cool prop in your wedding, which you can use to create some really adorable poses for your wedding album.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Now that’s super creative, and although this isn’t a new concept, we still can’t help but love it every time we see it. Clicking the picture of a mirror reflection gives it such a cinematic appeal! This is one picture which is a must in your wedding album.

3. Tippy toes...

Isn’t this the most romantic thing ever? Standing on bae’s toes and that too on your wedding day. This is actually one beautiful way to freeze your wedding memories forever.

4. Love is in the air!

This happy couple showing their newlywed excitement by jumping in the air is so innocent and childlike, and makes for such a beautiful wedding memory. Make sure you have one such picture in your wedding album too!

5. Coz you swept me off my feet!


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We know your husband swept you off your feet, so why not make him do that quite literally for a picture too? Come on, you know that it will look good on film, and feel great in reality! Now that’s a great wedding picture to show to your kids and grandkids, eh?

6. Kissy missy


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This one is a must-have in your wedding album, one with that cute kiss on the cheek. This shot reflects the happiness and contentment that one feels on their wedding day.

7. Coz’ you’re a sky full of stars...

Now that’s a beautiful shot - a newlywed couple sharing a moment of joy amidst a backdrop of glittering stars. You need to make sure you hire an amazing photographer for your wedding to capture such a moment with precision.

8. Coz we are in love!

Although this particular picture is of a beautiful candid moment, you can also have it photographed for your album. Just two lovebirds, newly married, rejoicing in the realization of their new beginning.

9. The final touches...

We girls make our partners better people and great dressers too! This is a really cute picture to add in your wedding album. You fixing your husband’s pocket square or his hair is such a priceless moment. Such pictures really bring back great memories when you look back at them after years.

10. Your happy place…

Because aren’t his arms the best place you could be in forever?!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterdown Photography