The Most Romantic Pre Wedding Pictures… You Just Can’t Miss!

The Most Romantic Pre Wedding Pictures… You Just Can’t Miss!
Prepping for the big pre-wedding shoot? Are you guys planning on something extremely dreamy and romantic? Well, then you’ve landed at just the right place! We dug into our pre-wedding photography files and have brought you the most stunning pre-wedding shoot pictures that will make you believe in fairytales. Each so romantic and oh-so-dreamy that even the single ones will want to get married! Brides-to-be, be ready to be mesmerized.

Pre-wedding Photography 1: Vintage love

1 pre wedding shoot

Image: Funny Cow Productions

Love in the middle of a railway track… Does that not make you go ‘awwwww’! This gives us the feel of a long distance love reuniting and how!

Pre-wedding Photography 2: Hold me closer, hold me tight

2 pre wedding shoot

Image: Deep Panchal’s Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot pictures have to be intense and beautiful. And that serene backdrop…it’s almost magical! It’s hard to stop staring, right?! 

Pre-wedding Photography 3: Love me like you do

3 pre wedding shoot

Image: Morvi Images

So many emotions, so many unsaid promises and a forever love. This beautifully captured pre-wedding photoshoot image speaks more than a thousand words. 

Pre-wedding Photography 4: Princess diaries

4 pre wedding shoot

Image: Coolbluez Photography

Doesn’t this pre-wedding shoot image remind you of a scene straight out a fairytale. He the prince charming, she the blushing bride running to be in his arms. It sure got us dreaming of happily ever afters.

Pre-wedding Photography 5: When you say nothing at all

5 pre wedding shoot

Image: Rishabh Agarwal

Sparkling white sand, the deep blue sky, crystal clear water and just you and him. Staring into the open space while a feeling of fulfilment envelops you two. This pre-wedding photoshoot set in Ladakh is giving us major couple goals! 

Pre-wedding Photography 6: Let’s get lost

6 pre wedding shoot

Image: Cupcake Productions

Let’s get lost in our own sweet world where there’s not a single being but just us… just you and me and our love for each other. Really, this pre-wedding shoot image is so beautifully captured.

Pre-wedding Photography 7: Seal the deal… With a kiss!

7 pre wedding shoot

Image: Shared by the bride, Sonam

So much love! The mesmerizing views of Cappadocia, Turkey and an innocent little kiss totally makes this pre-wedding shoot image, a dream picture.

Pre-wedding Photography 8: Come away with me

8 pre wedding shoot

Image: Shared by the bride, Richa

Just look at how he’s holding her…and the love they share just comes right through the pre-wedding photoshoot picture. Is this not what a dream pre-wedding shoot looks like?! 

Pre-wedding Photography 9: Love underwater!

9 pre wedding shoot

Image: Shared by the bride, Sonam

It doesn’t get better than this, ladies! Romancing your fiancé underwater is every bit dreamy and every bit romantic. It’s an experience you’re both going to cherish forever. 

Pre-wedding Photography 10: When the lights go down!

10 pre wedding shoot

Image: Robin Saini Photography

Awww…so cute these two! A shared laugh, a stolen moment and just the most flattering lighting. Now that's how you get a pre-wedding shoot picture to remember. 

Featured Image: Cupcake Productions