8 Secrets To Getting The BEST Wedding Album Ever!

8 Secrets To Getting The BEST Wedding Album Ever!
Having an amazing collection of photos from your wedding is something that you want to be able to do! After all, once the festivities are done you want to have something to commemorate this amazing milestone in your life! While hiring an amazing wedding photographer will be one of the priorities on your list, you should check out these awesome tips to get some really special memories as well!

1. Guest photographers

The photographer and his team will be there to capture all the essential parts of the ceremonies, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see what the guests got up to at your wedding as well?!

A great idea is to give disposable cameras to the guests as part of your welcome pack, or leave them on tables during the functions! This way you will have loads of random photos to develop and look through to catch up on the parts of your wedding you may have missed yourself!

(Make sure you have an area for the guests to leave the cameras once they are used up so that you can get the photos developed later)!

wedding photos 1

2. The Engagement Shoot

It may seem super cheesy (and it may take a while for you to convince your fiance to let this happen), but don’t skip out on the engagement/ pre-wedding shoot. This will allow you to get comfy with the photographer and let them know which angles you prefer - allowing for the final photos to be the best possible! Also, you’ll be less rushed for this than on the actual day of your wedding, so you can ensure you have just the right smile and stuff - and practice, duh!

3. Lights, Camera, Action

If possible, try and check out the venues of the functions at the times that the festivities will be happening. This will allow you to gauge the lighting, make sure that your makeup is right for the conditions, and hopefully result in better picture quality when it comes to the big day!

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4. #WeddingHashtag

Create a wedding hashtag and make it known to the guests that this is how they should tag all the photos that they take on the wedding day AND during the build-up to it! This way you will have an even bigger selection of photos! And, who knows?! Maybe there’s a budding photographer among your guests who will capture details you hadn’t even thought about!

5. Photo Booth!

Set up a fun wedding photo booth! Have it at a function like the mehendi or sangeet, when people are likely to be in a fun mood anyway! You will get a bunch of photos with an awesome backdrop - and because people will be left to their own devices to pose, you’re likely to get some really fun snaps! A great idea is to have some props to go along with the booth. You can get someone to make these or even download them online! They can be random things like “I came for the food” or even cutesy ones like “He’s mine”/ “She’s mine”. Go on, get creative!

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6. Social Media Purge!

As great as social media and the digital world as a whole are, you may not want every single one of your oh-so-natural shots displayed online for the world to see. Consider monitoring and customizing your privacy settings before the wedding starts so that people can still tag you in the photos but not necessarily have the whole world see them before you get a chance to. After all, you will be busy during the events - it probably won’t leave much time to stalk pictures of yourself and decide which ones you want to de-tag till way later!

7. Apparently There Are Apps!

There are a whole bunch of apps that are specifically designed to capture moments from your wedding! Check out some of these top ones to get a better idea: WedPics, EverSnap.

Plus there are some awesome tricks you can use for Instagram and Facebook too (which are totally free). For Instagram - after you have created your wedding hashtag and shared it with the guests be sure to use this simple IFFFT formula to get all the #WeddingHashtag photos saved directly to your Dropbox! It works for Facebook too, as it detects all of the photos tagged with the relevant hashtag and saves them to your Dropbox for you!  Imagine the countless hours saved from having to comb through the pics!

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8. Go Old-School!

A really cool idea is to have a wedding guest book, where guests can leave little messages for you to read and enjoy later on! But like they say, “A picture says a thousand words” - so why not leave an instant polaroid camera and some felt tips lying around on a table where guests enter and get them to take pictures of themselves and affix those to your guest book with a little message?! That way you get a whole different wedding album too!

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