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From A For Aunties To B For Baraat... Here's The *A To Z* Of A Desi Wedding!

From A For Aunties To B For Baraat... Here's The *A To Z* Of A Desi Wedding!

If someone asks me what an Indian wedding is, I’m usually at a loss for words. I explain them with the usual - they are grand, have impromptu dance performances, yummy food and unlimited masti! But do you think this description really sums up the awesomeness of a desi shaadi? No, right? So I have come up with an A-Z guide to a desi wedding that makes it just so special. Here you go...

1. A for Aunties

1 desi shaadi

Any desi shaadi is incomplete without the ‘aunties’ - and a variety of them at that. The one who dances and sings like there’s no tomorrow, one who criticizes your outfits, other who goes all out with her jewellery and so many more!

2. B for Band Baaja Baaraat

2 desi shaadi

3. C for Chooda

3 desi shaadi

4. D for Doli

4 desi shaadi

5. E is for all those EXCITED relatives!

5 desi shaadis

Yes, all those beloved cousins, chachi, mamis, mausa and everybody else present at the venue. They always seem to be more excited about your wedding than you!

6. F for Freeloaders

6 desi shaadi

The ones who are only there for the free food and mithai!

7. G for Girls decked up from top to toe

girls decked up desi shaadi

You will find every colour and kind of outfit at a desi shaadi, we betcha!

8. H for Halwais

8 desi shaadi

The ones who sit in the backyard of the house and dish out yummy pakoras, tea and sweets for everyone!

9. I for Invites

9 desi shaadi

Not just invites, extravagant invites for that matter!

10. J for Joota chupai

10 desi shaadi

This is a super fun Punjabi (now universal) ritual where the bride’s sisters and friends hide the groom’s shoes and demand shagun in return for his juttis!

11. K for Kalire

11 desi shaadi

The gorgeous jewellery that a Punjabi bride wears with her chooda… Aren’t they stunning?!

12. L for Love stories

12 desi shaadi

Because what is a wedding without love stories? Also, desi weddings are a dream come true for all the aunties who love playing cupid.

13. M for Mehendi

13 desi shaadi

14. N for Nachde ne saare

14 desi shaadi

Dance like no one’s watching, quite literally!

15. O for... Oh ho ho ho, oh ho ho ho…

15 desi shaadi

Ishq tera tadpave!!!

16. P for Phere

16 desi shaadi

The wedding vows taken around the holy fire, guys!

17. Q for Questionable choice of outfits…

17 desi shaadi

Some wedding guests wear really crazy outfits and don’t even realise it!

18. R for Rishtedaar

18 desi shaadi

The ones that make a desi shaadi so much fun!

19. S for Sangeet

19 desi shaadi

The one event that kick starts all the masti!

20. T for Tilak

tilak desi shaadi

21. U for Uncles

21 desi shaadi

It’s important to give a special mention to all the awesome uncles present at desi shaadis. Especially that drunk uncle who dances with a whiskey glass balanced on his head, the one who looks after all the arrangements and the uncle who takes care of the shagun envelopes.

22. V for Vidaai

22 desi shaadi

23. W for Mundeya di ho gayi, WAH bhai WAH!

23 desi shaadi

A famous Punjabi wedding song, that plays at every desi shaadi, no matter what!

24. X is for being Xtra

24 desi shaadi

Do we really need to explain this? Indian weddings are all about being extra - with outfits, jewellery, food, celebrations and everything else!

25. Y for Yummy food

25 desi shaadi

26. Z for Zzzing during the pheras!

26 desi shaadi

Quick fact: Most guests have a quick 5-minute nap if not more.

This according to me is what desi weddings are all about! Do you have any additions to make?

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